Avalon I see Avalon as a waking dream and a slumbering passion, / As a lovers’ wild embrace and a goddesses’ passion. / It all you wis… SURRENDER I return from battles of the heart / BRUISED but not bleeding, Timeless by Amanda Gazidis My absence. My soul searches and wrings the questions dry, / Parched as a desert, still ever hopeful / That love can hold us, maintain us, ignite and s… A New Dawn Transforming into to LOVE, / Transcending to LIGHT, / Here is the change to end BATTLES and FIGHTS. ULTIMATELY.. Ultimately, / It is not about the close-knit cliques / Clinging to each other, / For we face death and birth alone / Without the approval o… The Faery Bard of Avalon The Faery Bard of Avalon / Makes wild the poet’s pen, / Capturing timeless magic / For women, children, men. A BREATH AWAY… May we once agin take your hands / To dance the ETERNAL faery dance, / In this Caer Sidi, a TEMPLE of light, / Where faery is reborn. What is… What is TOGETHERNESS / If we never PART? / What is a FUTURE / Without the PAST? TODAY TODAY I am the maker and creatrix of / My own dreams Like mermaids do Reminiscing on the cool quietude of the ocean depths / Where shadows dance and shells glisten. If you were If you were LOST, / I would be FOUND. / If you were SILENCE, / I would be SOUND. Memory and destiny… My heart stengthens, / I see you, all of you. / I recognise this deep knowing. Soul Family SOMETIMES they may want to kiss you / In RE-CONNECTION. / Embrace you in REMEMBERING. Oak and Sun 2 by Amanda Gazidis Oak and Sun by Amanda Gazidis Sunshine tree. by Amanda Gazidis Less is More Less NUMB, / More FEELING. / Less BLINKERED, / More SEEING. You F L Y… You sport fashion with great F L A I R, / With a unique style that is so R A R E. / You hold the W O N D E R / Of a child, / Your charming,… Words… I am a singer, / Words flow from my heart, / I am a poet, / Words are my art. A Wild Heart A Wild Heart flies to places / Beyond the edge of reason, / Embracing each moment new / And every changing season. See… See with health and wealth of spirit. / See souls singing, / Music weaving magic, / Dancers spinning. A poem for Beltane… Making love is a consummation most sacred, / A union of the highest degree, / As the sky meets the earth / And the shore meets the sea, / A… You THINK… You took me to the edge, / Where once PASSION we knew, / As OUR dance faultered, / When once we FLEW. Fly… L I V E your truth amongst the lies. / C R E A T E your own reality / Amidst the commercialism and consumerism. Stone Sisters Fly even as you tread upon the earth, / Trust even if the tide seems against you. Tor in Snow by Amanda Gazidis Heart Leaf by Amanda Gazidis Hear me, feel me, see me,heal me. Commune with the Goddess, / She lives within your lovers, / Breaking them is breaking her. Snowdrops by Amanda Gazidis Ammonite, Chalice Well Gardens , Glastonbury by Amanda Gazidis Our dance We connect again, / My S P I R I T flies home, / As we begin our magical J O U R N E Y together, / Here in the Summerlands… Joy! (Living word illustration) by Amanda Gazidis Beauty (Living word illustration) by Amanda Gazidis Trust (living word illustration) by Amanda Gazidis Love (word illustration) by Amanda Gazidis Truth (word illustration.) by Amanda Gazidis Rememberances. For DEATH is never final, / It is a harbinger of NEW tidings and fresh life. H A R M O N I S E Life is EVER changing / As it S C U L P T S moments new, / We are re-arranging,what we THOUGHT we knew. Self Portrait by Amanda Gazidis Amanda Gazidis flying heart by Amanda Gazidis The Star Tree by Amanda Gazidis Dancing ladybirds by Amanda Gazidis The Rainbow Fish by Amanda Gazidis The Hungry Sofa by Amanda Gazidis Wish Wonder Surprise book cover by Amanda Gazidis Angel of the Universe by Amanda Gazidis I don’t NEED One look, / One touch is M A G I C. / I don’t need to do ANYTHING / When I’m with you… T H A T moment As the journey / U n f o l d s. / Time and space / H a l t s. / Enthralled, held by each others / G a z e. Love Happens… Love can be the emptiness, the void, / A place for receiving and emptying out, / A place of undoing, letting go. Shipwrecked Shipwrecked now, / Upon the silent storm, / Where the sunshine once danced, / Shadows now loom. I’ve loved you For you brought my soul back into me, / Bringing peace and healing / So I may be free. Purity and passion Without the day / Where is the night? / Without the dark / There is no light. 2012 Breaking down delusions, / Shattering illusions, / So many prophecies, / When the tides turn, what will be? Dione of the heart Back to the path of Avalon of the Heart, / Back home to the family of wisdom and light, / Back to the source. Transitioning… We are the ones we’ve been waiting for… / So make a transition, start opening that door. Utopia Where is Utopia? / Some place they don’t teach. A poem for Samhein The ancestors speak in ancient tongue, / Through energy, word and song. Poetry by Amanda Gazidis The Love Tree by Amanda Gazidis Reclaim Reclaim love, / Reclaim the streets, / Reclaim your right / Not to compete. Boxes Why not be adventurous? / Think outside of the box! / Go outside the box! Your eyes sing Your eyes sing / Songs of wild,carefree abandon, / Faerie tunes skillfully piped or plucked, / Weaving into breeze and babbling. The Dancing Dancing through silence, stillness, noise, / Dancing to find inner purpose and poise. The Dark Mother To you I dance my scared prayer, / To rest in your knowingness, / Bliss beyond despair. The call of the wild I am a pebble rippling in the pond, / My thoughts and intention reaching / Beyond the beyond. Transform our frequency Dis-integration to re-integration, / Dis-connection to re-connection, / Dis-membered to remembered. Lughnasadh Days shortening, / Shadows lengthening, / Harvest abounding, / Nuts forming, / Acorns dropping, / Leaves autumning Perfection Perfection dances in your body, / Perfection lives in your words, / Perfection dances in your heart. Echinacea flowers by Amanda Gazidis Evening Primrose Flower by Amanda Gazidis The Souls’ Thunder Soul returned to child, / Elemental and wild. / Free again,at the source again, / De-conditioned, releasing pain. In between In between wakefulness and restful sleep, / In between thoughts and the infinite void, / In between past and future longing, / In between s… For where the sun don't shine... by Amanda Gazidis The sacred dance by Amanda Gazidis The sacred dance May your love be still, yet wild, / Wise as a sage, / Innocent as a child. Future lovers. This force holds it all together; / The earth, the ocean, the stars. Inter-connecting Uplift the soul in secret ways / Unlocking and reviving ancient days, / Where elementals sing and play. Fae Wedding. by Amanda Gazidis Warrior of the heart. Tainted by loves’ longing yet pure, / scared but unblemished,weary but awake
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