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The Artist’s Background

I now live in a beautiful town called Woy Woy, Central Coast.in NSW. Woy is an aborigine word for “water” and Woy Woy means lot of water or deep water. Although I have an engineering industry background, I now pursue my dearest hobby… painting.

I love to paint seascapes, cityscape and abstract art. Experimentation is part of my creative world and this has led to some exciting end results using acrylic or oils.

I paint many works impasto with a palette knife, but also tend toward heavy brushwork, particularly in acrylic.
More recenly I have found an interest in painting my interpretation of cityscape.

I have won awards in painting and sculpture and sold my paintings whenever the opportunities arose.
I have direct contact with my customers and their choices… Every customer is an art critic in his own right, because art is “beauty in the eyes of the beholder.” There is no need for any third party to tell us how to think and what to look for in the art we see as worthwhile… we judge for ourselves. Have a look at my paintings, “Of the beholder” and “I judge”…

  • Joined: January 2012