far be it from me to mock peculiar.

i don’t play tag here

song i’m loving right now:
cosmic love
by florence & the machine

i’m a bit sensitive. but more resilient.

I believe each day is a gift.
Open it early and don’t forget to say thank-you~*

somewhere in my other world, I’m a songbird in a mermaid dress…

I’m self published and copyrighted.

If i ever stop writing, I wonder who i’ll be.

A fraction of the things that make me Happy…

Pressing my cheek to my son’s cheek as we watch the rainfall
Jumping on my husband’s back like a kitten
obscure songs that give me goose bumps
walking slow through quiet art galleries
Daydreaming about fancy things as I lie under the sun
A delectable piece of cake with extra frosting
buying a new blank book to write in
Watching trees rustle in the breeze
Finding a piece of clothing that seems it was designed just for me
Holding my son as he falls asleep
Hearing the keys in the door as my husband arrives home from work

My gorgeous cover images created by Chantal

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for its arrival

i made a small video for my photography/poetry book. thanks to all who still heart me though i am not around nearly as much… i still see you xx / my video
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blogs and cake

my poetry blog has gotten over 1000 hits. i know it’s not that remarkable in general, but a poet’s world can be so lonely. what with everyone thinking you are either a smarty pants or a fruit loop. can’t i just be both! / thanx to anyone who has visited… ~* / i would love to buy a cake and celebrate but one of my new year’s resolutions is to not buy cakes and celebra…
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