2 POSTCARD SALES - 5-24-15

Thanks so much to whoever bought 2 postcards of:
Less Than 24 Hours Old

I was surprised to see a brand new baby when I got to the Donkey farm. So precious. I’m happy to know that you liked this little guy enough to make a purchase! :))) Enjoy!

Replying to comments

I always reply to ALL comments on my work and I never remove my replies to those comments.
I am replying now that RB has changed again and when I get another comment on one of my works, all my previous replies are gone.
Does anyone know how to fix this….or what is going on??

2 POSTCARD SALES - 4-16-15

I’d like to thank the person who bought 2 postcards of
Mountain Pony

I appreciate your purchase and I hope you enjoy the cards and come back for more. :))))
This is a very sweet pony and always brought me smiles like your purchase.

Greeting Card Sale 4-6-15

Thanks so very much to the person who bought a greeting card of:

I Love My Mama

This was a special time for me and also for Deeva, my Mama dog and her baby Angel.
I hope your Mom loves it.


Laptop Skin Sale 3-29-15

Wow! My first Laptop Skin Sale! I am thrilled!! Thank you so much to the person who made this purchase….I hope you enjoy this silly guy. I sure did. :))


This guy seems to be my most popular for sales. :)) He was a great subject, full of fun. :))

Greeting Card Sale 3-14-15

I would like to thank whoever bought a greeting card of:

I Am NOT Crosseyed!!

This is one of my dogs called Miracle….a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. A fun dog. I hope you enjoy the card! Come back again!! :))))