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Boiling Brain syndrome

My interpretation of a chapter from the book about the hot sun frying the brain.

[ please note][ I just wrote a very long explanation, fell into the keyboard and lost it all]
the following is from wikipedia.

The Shark Net
The Shark Net is a semi autobiographical/semi fictional account of Drewe’s Childhood and adolescence and is best described as a memoir structured as a novel. It was reproduced as an ABC television miniseries. The name, shark net is a metaphor for the modus operandi of a character in the story, the serial killer Eric Edgar Cooke, whom Drewe met in his childhood and can also be interpreted to symbolize a false sense of security.

The book charts Drewe’s life from his earliest memories of Melbourne to his childhood in Perth, education at Hale School and his relationship with his father who was a senior manager in the Dunlop rubber company. It includes growing up and coming-of-age themes and also themes to do with Eric Cooke, who was a Dunlop employee. Drewe fictionalises chapters of The Shark Net to do with Cooke, based upon his interviews with Cooke’s family and his own experiences while reporting at his trial for The West Australian.

The book is currently used as a Study text for the subject of English in high schools across the states of Victoria and Western Australia, including Xavier College and Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School in Melbourne, Canberra Grammar School and Guilford Young College in Hobart, Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College in Melbourne Victoria, Mazenod College and Helena College in Western Australia, Eynesbury Senior College and University Senior College in Adelaide, South Australia. The book is used as a reflection of the changes in lifestyle of the city of Perth. It is also on the booklist of the secondary education boards in other states.

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