Art Classes from Mal Leckie Gold Coast

[Any one interested can contact me I’ll pass it on ] Guaranteed to be proper art lessons. Gini.

If you have an urge to learn to draw, expand your existing skills, or know someone who does, you would be most welcome to come along. The classes will be small (maximum of 10 students) so that each person can receive plenty of personalised instruction.

The drawing classes will be mostly conducted using a live model. At no point will we be indulging in the mindless practice of copying photos that has become the prevalent method of teaching and producing “artworks”. We will be aiming for artworks that have genuine individuality and personality of expression.

I am aiming to bring each student up to their potential as quickly as possible so they can enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that comes from having the skill to create unique artworks of interest and quality. Drawing is the central core skill for all visual arts practice and the mental strategies that I will be aiming to teach are transferable across many art fields.

I will be extending the drawing basics into two painting classes as well, if you care to take yourself into the area of colour at a later stage.

An interactive PDF is attached to this email with all the details.

Many thanks for any help you can give me in spreading this email to others who might be interested.

Hope to see you soon……….Mal Leckie

PS – I have a large exhibition (to celebrate my 40th. year as a Gold Coaster) coming up in August.
It will be held in association with The Southport School. More news as details are settled.

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