Gillian from Brisbane Queensland Australia
The aim of my art is to uplift and invigorate the soul….

Permanent display at Ribbetts Restaurant , Dutton Park Brisbane

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Our Great Barrier Reef

We need to protect our Great Barrier Reef.. coral, fish,turtles and all the other marine inhabitants in this area need a pristine environment to thrive,.They can’t protect themselves from the risk of fuel spills and boat strikes by enormous coal/gas tankers crossing the marine park ..It is up to us humans to look after them ! Lets keep their home safe !! / [Video]
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The Great Barrier Reef/Our Marine Park

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Queensland ..Beautiful One Day ...

Check out this video / [Video] / [Video] /
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I'm back...

Been away up to north Queensland…4wdriving..up to Cape Melville ..north of Cooktown and across to Normanton/Karumba/Bourketown on the other side of the peninsula …. / Saw the real Crocodile Creek and someone in our group got a dose of karma after she had yelled "Crocodile " in my ear as we looked at the map of nearby waterways and I jumped in fright. Later in the heat of t…
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