fireworks photos

One rule I try to follow when taking photos is: if you can’t fight it, go with it.

So if something isn’t working when I’m shooting, I try to acknowledge the problem and then work out how to incorporate that problem into my shot. I want to make the problem work for me because it’s often much easier than trying to correct it.

For most people, shooting fireworks involves a tripod and a shutter release cable. Shooting fireworks without at least a tripod is probably seen as difficult/impossible because the long exposures require holding the camera still. Without a tripod you’ll get motion blur.

So the 3 fireworks photos I posted yesterday were long exposures shot without a tripod. I knew I was going to get motion blur so I decided to try and get the most interesting motion blur I could. I tried zooming in/out during the exposure. I waved the camera in a circle. I jerked it around. I kept shooting and I prayed. It probably looked really odd to anyone who was watching me.

I got about 10 that were interesting and I’ve posted the best 3 here. They’re not amazing photos but they look pretty enough to show off.

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