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I’m a professional photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

You can see more of my photos at photos.gilliver.net

You can also read random ramblings on photography on Facebook

I’m primarily a portrait photographer so you’ll probably see my best work on my website.

Photographers: I am regularly teaching various lighting topics through my meetup.com group Melbourne Photography Education

Many of the images here are direct-from-camera (they’ll be marked as ‘unedited image’). In one sense, I’m a “purist” as I prefer to create effects using lighting and camera techniques.

For the record, I hate the expressions “nice capture”, “great capture”, “lovely capture” etc. Very few of my photos are accidental so I don’t like the implication that I was merely lucky.

It’s been a while since I finished any writing but I’ve uploaded some older pieces here.

photo of David by Kit

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Photographic Lighting course

My next Photographic Lighting course will be running Feb/Mar 2014 in Melbourne. It’s designed for people who don’t know anything about manipulating light. It teaches basic theory of how light behaves and then demonstrates various ways of using it. / Click the image below for more info…
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My next 'Photographic Lighting' course...

Last year I ran my first 6-week “Photographic Lighting” course at the Melbourne Camera Club. / It’s happening again from late May through to late June, this time at a venue in Carnegie on a series of Tuesday nights. / If you’re comfortable with your camera but haven’t played around with lighting before, this course may be for you. / You can find full details about th…
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finding home

As I work in IT, I’m completely comfortable with computer technology. As such, it’s hardly surprising that I jumped into photography by buying a digital camera. At the time it was just my latest tech toy but this turned out to be one that stuck. I used to go to gigs and take bad photos with my little digital camera and then when I got home I would crop and tweak mercilessly on the com…
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fireworks photos

One rule I try to follow when taking photos is: if you can’t fight it, go with it. / So if something isn’t working when I’m shooting, I try to acknowledge the problem and then work out how to incorporate that problem into my shot. I want to make the problem work for me because it’s often much easier than trying to correct it. / For most people, shooting fireworks involves …
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