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50 Things about me (Ghelly)

So here it is a little bit of me. ( a very light version) just for fun

1. My Name is Angela
2. Last name: Mastrogiovanni (too long, I never use it)
3. Ghelly is the way my dad used to call me when I was a little girl, he passed away when I was a teenager
4. I was born and grew up in Venezuela,
5. I’m Virgo, ( yeah riight)
6. seriously my birthday is Sep 17
7. Outside the Art world, people call me Angie
8. I love Italy, I miss my family there
9. My first marriage sucked
10. I got married again
11. I guess I love being married, lol
12. I met My husband online ( yahoo)
13. we’ve been together for 5 years
14. We have a baby together ( little Sarah, she is 2 years old)
15. I have a Stepson and Stepdaughter ( Gabriel & Elisa)
16. The three of them are the Love of my live
17. My friends say I’m not friendly
18. I enjoy my family a lot
19. I love my husband
20. I miss the weather in Venezuela
21. But I love seasons too, fall is my favorite
22. I Love slideshows
23. I’m proud to live in a green home
24. I’m not easy going but, what you see what you get
25. I’ve met wonderful people here in RB
26. I haven’t seen my mom in a year, I miss her.
27. I love camping, I’m waiting for spring to go again
28. I went to Woodstock 99
29. and….. spend a weekend topless, lol, that was fun & bit wild
30 .I got 3 tatoos
31. I feel free
32. I studied many languages, never finished them,
33. I love Chicago, sometimes the weather is GRRRRRRRR >: \
34. I’m a body artist too. Skin is the best canvas. IT’S ALIVE
35. I went to a strip club with my husband and a gorgeous stripper gave ME ( not my hubby,lol) her phone number, we never called, lol
36. I’m always on a diet
37. I’m starting a new Studio “” not ready yet is under construction, I’m working on it.
38. I love dancing and listening to all kind of music,
39. I live in a small condo but I feel that it’s my Castle, actually My Kingdom.
40. I’m HAPPY =)
41. I laugh everyday
42. I call my mom every single day
43. I hate cleaning the house
44. I’m very sensitive, sometimes I cry just because I realize how lucky I am or for a beautiful landscape or for reading Isa’s 50 things
45. I’m thankful everyday, for the sun , for my living planet
46. I want to go to China maybe next year
47. or Alaska
48. My favorite group here in RB is “Mood & Ambience” followed by “LMAO ART”
49. I’m learning everery day
50 . I LOVE MY LIVE… =)

Thank you for visiting, now it’s your turn , I’d love to read yours.

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