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a sale!

thank you to the anonymous buyer of one of these as a card! it was the 5th one in the top row…with Chopin and a cupboard…I’m not in this account much these days so I might move all of this work over to my usual soxyfleming home, see you there!
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homepage peacocks!!!!!

Thank you and THANK YOU to the redbubble person who put my peacock selection on the Homepage…..I’ve been engrossed in other things and Fleur found it for me….. / and while I’m here congratulations to all the people who are there too…I love all your pictures and shirts – that’s why I chose them. / . / . / . / . / . / . / . / / / / / peacock feathe…
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peacock feather story

I was recently inspired….not to take some pictures of a face and a peacock feather….but to hunt out old prints of such photographs which I had taken….uuummmm….well, yes about 20 years ago (or more) / I was inspired by having run across several pictures of this theme here on rb. Well I just did one of my faving rampages and this is what I found! sorry these aren’t cli…
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Calendar up Close

Here is the place to scroll through all the images on the Sonate Calendar at big size. Hope you enjoy them! I certainly got a big buzz from making them all. All pieces have been made in the manner of traditional collage, with scissors and glue, recylced sheet music and magazines. / / / / That’s a lot of pictures!
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