peacock feather story

I was recently inspired….not to take some pictures of a face and a peacock feather….but to hunt out old prints of such photographs which I had taken….uuummmm….well, yes about 20 years ago (or more)

I was inspired by having run across several pictures of this theme here on rb. Well I just did one of my faving rampages and this is what I found! sorry these aren’t clickable but clicking will take you to my favourites where you will be able to view all the peacock and face images I found in my search…..

now, what do you think? was I ahead of my time????


  • Zolton
    Zoltonabout 6 years ago

    Wow! Great stuff. Neat subject. I like the gold one.

  • Ginger  Barritt
    Ginger Barrittabout 6 years ago

    Georgiana!!! What could be more beautiful than beautiful feathers all in a collection!!! These are wonderful photos you have colected, I’m going to have to look at all their galleries!!!

  • and i did my picture so long ago! amazing don’t you think?

    – Soxy Fleming

  • Ginger  Barritt
    Ginger Barrittabout 6 years ago

    Oh, yeah…but still so gorgeous…

  • George Swann
    George Swannabout 6 years ago

    Beautiful series of images…and Feather Eye is probably my favourite!!

  • thank you George. I have enjoyed getting this together

    – Soxy Fleming

  • Cathie Brooker
    Cathie Brookerabout 6 years ago

    You were ahead of your time. You advante guard you!

  • hehe!

    – Soxy Fleming

  • George Swann
    George Swannabout 6 years ago

    I would think that you found that collating the Images good fun, right up your street!!

  • well the search came up with 79 pages of peacock images…that took some time to go through I must say. I’d rather spend the time creating but the result is fascinating and I’m very pleased with how the homepage 8 look together

    – Soxy Fleming

  • roybarry
    roybarryabout 6 years ago

    You have always been ahead of your time……….

  • puts one in a funny place…not all that comfortable really

    – Soxy Fleming

  • PorcelainPoet
    PorcelainPoetabout 6 years ago

    Yes you were ahead of your time! Haha. Thank you for the feature. When I did my peacock shoot I had no idea other people had done the same thing or were going to. ;-)
    I think peacock feathers make for a good prop though and that is why they are commonly used.

  • yes indeed, exotic and beautiful….somehow associated with death, they are not supposed to be kept in the house…..seems to be a 19th century superstition that they bring bad luck…..but they are beautiful!

    – Soxy Fleming

  • robpixaday
    robpixadayalmost 5 years ago

    So much fun and beauty and mystery all in one place!

  • I was amazed to find them all here…so I just had to hunt down my old photographs

    – Soxy Fleming

  • strawberries
    strawberriesalmost 5 years ago

    wow! you were ahead of your time lol!

  • funny hey? just had to show you, thanks for looking!

    – Soxy Fleming