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I am a nature lover,that see’s beauty in almost everything.Never without my camera, always taking pictures.I live in a beautiful area of California in the Eastern Sierras called Bishop. I am about 25 miles from Nevada so have both the deserts and mountains to photograph.My boyfriend and I go out daily for exercise and of course picture taking.In a matter of minutes we can be either in the desert or the Sierra or White Mountains.Hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I enjoy taking them. I like to keep most of my photos as natural as possible. I want you to see the pictures as i saw them.As of December I have been featured 763 times in the various groups. I also have a site on Fineartamerica. Check it out under my name Marilyn Diaz. Thanks!
  • Joined: June 2010


More Changes

You did it again. After all the changes you have made to Redbubble I hardly visit the sight after once being very active.I mainly used Redbubble to refer clients from other sites to visit my profile and order if so inclined. I tell them to go to Red bubble and type in Marilyn diaz or geteup . This used to get them to my profile. Evidently not anymore. How does a person find a specific artist now?…
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Retrieving Artwork

Does anybody know how to make a copy of an existing picture that is on my portfolio. I have lot’s of pictures I would like to retrieve from my portfolio and have them all in another place so I can enter other groups or contests. I don’t have the earlier pictures in any other place but Redbubble and can’t retrieve them to put on other sites. I guess that is what I am trying to sa…
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Commenting Frenzy

Twice since the New Red Bubble I have received this notice via my e-mail. Your work has prompteda commenting frenzy! We are goingto put your comment notifications on hold until tomorrow so you can focus on soaking up all the attention. From Red Bubble.What is this about. At first I was flattered thinking I was going to get a fantastic response to something I had put on R,B. Nothing unusal happene…
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Bring back the Old Day's At Red Bubble

Sure do miss the old days when Red Bubble was a fun place to go. Alway’s someone to converse with about photography,alway’s comments about newly added work and meeting new friends from around the world. Now after the change groups are dropping like flies, comment’s are far and few between, the fun just isn’t there.Red Bubble actually has become boring. I don’t think …
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