New RB Site for iPhone Photos

Hi I have decided to create another RB site where I will be posting my work which I have created using my iPhone 5s and process and add effects/textures using my iPad and various IOS apps. I am finding that I am more and more taking photos with my iPhone as I seem the constantly have it with me.
My new RB site is GerrymacIOS

You are welcome to come over and have a look and please enjoy :)


Gerry :)

iPhone Cover Arrived Today!

I have just received my first iPhone cover which I put on the Bubble. I thought I would order one for myself as I was very curious to what it would look like. I must say that I am very pleased and impressed with the finished product! The finish and reproduction of the image is excellent! I really like how the image is wrapped right around the edge of the casing. It is made from a very lightweight material, hence it not adding extra weight to the phone.
Top marks for this product!


Where to View New Work as it is Posted online?

I remember in the old version of the Community View, that you could actually see all live activity like when someone add work or added a comment or even if a person had just joined up. You could click on the next page and follow the history. I know there is a sort of similar view in the new community a small banner across the top of the page however it doesn’t seem to update very often and if you scroll through previous and view an item it always takes you back to the start again! So I suppose my question is where do you go within RB to view live activity….
Update! Thanks to Jason: link


Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2011!

Currently enjoying a very wintery Christmas over in Scotland and just love seeing all the beautiful scenery all white and frosty! Never mind the cold! Looking forward to returning home and posting some images….

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2011!