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Hi! I was born in Scotland but have lived most of my life in Australia… Really love both countries! I have a passion for photography taking them and viewing them! I like to try and capture the ‘moment’….

I was introduced to photography when I was around 14 years old. We used to live miles out of town in Victoria, on a major road. One night there was a knock on the door and it turned out that a guy had car trouble outside our house and needed some assistance, (days before cell phones and in our case landlines!) His fan belt had broken, and I helped him get some material to get him back on the road again. Then about a week later, he knocks on the door and gave me a gift of an Agfa instamatic camera!! his way of thanks for me helping him out! I have been hooked ever since…..

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New RB Site for iPhone Photos

Hi I have decided to create another RB site where I will be posting my work which I have created using my iPhone 5s and process and add effects/textures using my iPad and various IOS apps. I am finding that I am more and more taking photos with my iPhone as I seem the constantly have it with me. / My new RB site is GerrymacIOS / You are welcome to come over and have a look and please enjoy :) / c…
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iPhone 5 cover sale!

Thank you so much to the kind person who purchased one of my iPhone cover Which Eye / It is so appreciated….. / Cheers / Gerry :)
Posted almost 2 years – 8 comments

Thank You for the Sale...

Many thanks to the person who purchased one of my images today Yummy / It is much appreciated…. / Cheers / Gerry
Posted over 3 years – 1 comments

Many Thanks....

Thank you to the kind person who bought one of my images today! It was a lovely surprise! Afternoon Beach Fishing / Cheers. Gerry :)
Posted almost 4 years – 6 comments