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140 Hours in New York City

A whirlwind tour of a city that moves at a constant pace itself (possibly via the ‘Faraway Tree’ as I’m not quite sure that this land really exists, it may have been a dream)!

First impressions of Times Square at night, shortly after landing

First stop the next day: Grand Central Terminal

then a quick peek inside New York Public Library,

after which we followed the advice of a ‘little bird’ and checked out the views from the top of the Empire State Building.

Below you can hopefully make out the new World Trade Center buildings (with cranes on top) and on the left, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge connecting Brooklyn to Staten Island. You might even get an idea of just how tiny Lady Liberty is compared to her towering neighbours (93 metres from ground to torch, versus the top of One World Trade Center at 546 metres), merely a little dot sitting on her island about a third of the way up the shot, over near the right edge. Of course at about 1.65 metres myself, who am I to call her short?

The famous Flatiron building, shot ‘on the run’ from a tourist bus.

One of many beautifully behaved canines (and friend) glimpsed in Manhattan.

Brooklyn Bridge has some nice lines:

and cool skyline views

as does the top of 30 Rock, with the Empire State seen here at night, over on the left in red, white and blue.

Here’s the nearby Bank of America Tower, letting off some steam.

‘Modern man’ in a lightroom at the top of 30 Rock, trying to filter the world through the camera lens in his mobile phone…er, no, of course I wasn’t doing the same with my camera trained on him.

A little ice skating at Rockefeller Center.

“Hey Prometheus, we can do that too!”

Superheroes have D & Ms just like the rest of us.

We checked out the reclaimed railway line, now a park and walking trail known as “the High Line”, where views of the city are typically cool

as are the ads

and the local architecture

including fire escapes.

Time for a cruise around Manhattan, taking in Brooklyn Bridge from another angle

Lady Liberty

revisited at night courtesy of the free Staten Island ferry.

Squirrels are better than rainbows and whiskers on kittens

which is probably what this girl was thinking as she ‘found her bliss’ in Central Park.

The thought of the taste of squirrel may well be what put these dogs in a trance…

Never mind the exhibitions, the Museum of Modern Art has a rather becoming staircase

and the Met has fab views of Central Park

plus ghosts who delight in travelling by elevator.

Twas a nice day for a stroll too.

And on the last day, the Guggenheim had to be seen to be believed…

Despite his threats and teeth gnashing, the Museum of Natural History’s T-Rex didn’t make the cut here, and I’m keeping the photos of rainbows and kitten whiskers to myself, but perhaps the above gives you an idea of the feel of this unstoppable city just a few days after Hurricane Sandy swept through.

Vital statistics
Cabs in Manhattan – around 11,000
Cabs that nearly ran me over – the accountants are still tabulating that substantial number
Cabs that nearly ran others over with me inside – 2
Days it took me to start glowering at cab drivers – 4
Number of people expectorating in the street – 219
Rodent sightings – squirrels only
Garbage piles spotted – ~ 394
Bagels ingested – 0
Disappointed waiters that Dad undertipped in his confusion – 2
Celebrities sighted/shameless name-dropping opportunity providers – Andrew Denton, Lucy Liu and Sarah Jessica Parker
Cliches evoked – 42

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