Have Camera, Will Walk

Yesterday I had the pleasure of wandering around part of the CBD and the Royal Botanic Gardens with Rhoufi, Christine and John, and although it was a rather grey day we found quite a few photo ops…

Uh oh… is that rain?


Yep – where’s a rainbow umbrella when you need one?


We checked out the comely angles of the Sidney Myer Music Bowl


from underneath


and within, taking in the waiting seats


as a wonderfully red-clad lady shared the same curiosity.


It’s kind of hard to be alone in the gardens – the water birds take their roles as spies very seriously, although they’re not very good at subtlety.


A few greens added a splash of fresh colour to the day.


After the gardens we meandered back to Federation Square, where a likely crowd had gathered to watch a street performer. He was extraordinary – really, I’ve never seen anything quite like him. Honestly, you wouldn’t believe what he could do! I suspect he qualified for several entries into the Guinness Book of World Records in a period of five minutes, could sell out daily shows at Vegas and cure world hunger with the subsequent earnings, but I have no images of his act…


How about a couple of passers-by instead? Our hero looks rather unimpressed, but I think he was just focussing on arm position – a second later the couple linked arms.


And to wrap up a lovely afternoon’s activities, I give you: Have panda, will travel.


  • John Schneider
    John Schneiderover 1 year ago

    Superb series of images… Only goes to show a day is what you make of it… or something like that :)

  • Thanks John, I guess it shows that there’s still something to shoot when Melbourne turns on one of its famous grey days :)

    – Georgie Hart

  • PhotosByG
    PhotosByGover 1 year ago

    I really enjoy your ‘walks’ Georgie and the photos that go with them and this one is another great series. Thanks for sharing Melbourne with us. Cheers.

  • Thanks for taking the walk with me Graham, appreciate your comments :)

    – Georgie Hart

  • Fred Mitchell
    Fred Mitchellover 1 year ago

    Great to be able to have a day like that. Keep it going as long as you can.

  • Thanks Fred, I intend to :D

    – Georgie Hart

  • Ell-on-Wheels
    Ell-on-Wheelsover 1 year ago

    Am envious of your photo opps, G, superb images all, but the b/w of the garden spies masquerading as birds is a standout for me :-)))

  • Thanks Ell, and hopefully we’ll all get a chance to go and shoot in a couple of weeks! :D

    – Georgie Hart

  • Ellen van Deelen
    Ellen van Deelenover 1 year ago

    Beautiful photos Georgie!

  • Thanks heaps Ellen :D

    – Georgie Hart

  • Poverty
    Povertyover 1 year ago

    Oh Georgie, what a wonderful tour of some of your great city. All of your shots are really such a pleasure to see and for me, an insight to a place that I would love to visit but sadly never will. As a tour guide you’re No. 1. …. As a photographer you’re No. 1. Many thanks for being such a great Ambassador for Australia and Melbourne in particular. Cheers.Tony.

  • Aw Tony, you’re one heck of a cheerleader, not to mention a funny chap and wonderful photographer yourself!

    – Georgie Hart

  • Meg Hart
    Meg Hartover 1 year ago

    Fabulous, as always, Georgie!!!…but what sort of a tease is image number nine?!!

  • Oh you can imagine how good the busker was M!

    – Georgie Hart

  • Rita Blom
    Rita Blomover 1 year ago

    Great Images & captions Georgie. Ah you make me feel so lazy sitting in by fire BUT it is soooo cold out there! Coldest weekend for over a year!

  • Brr yes I’d be sitting by the fire if I were you too Rita! Don’t worry, I’m sure you’re not lazy (I certainly don’t get out and do this every day!)

    – Georgie Hart

  • patcheah
    patcheahover 1 year ago

    Fabulous images,Georgie! You always seem to be able to find interesting things in Melbourne even on a cold winter day : )

  • Thanks Pat :) I try to always remember that there are usually things worth photographing, but sometimes I have to look at them from different angles til I see a shot.

    – Georgie Hart

  • Carol Walker
    Carol Walkerover 1 year ago

    Your captions add SO much more to your images!
    …. I love the birds trying to look inconspicuous ;))

  • Oh thanks Carol :D

    – Georgie Hart