Christie Downs, Australia


Life is Beautiful

My world is totally filled with creativity from all angles!!! And I love it!!!

Even mowing the grass yesterday I found myself ‘drawing’ pictures with the mower… yes, a tad sad… but pretty awesome at the same time! They didn’t look very good so I just kept mowing…! Sorry, no pictures. I’ll keep practising and maybe one day will take a pic.

I updated my blog the other day. Just a quick catchup on what I’ve been creating! Not everything of course, just a few bits and pieces :D “Everything” would take another mile and a half of blog space!!!

Work continues to be enthralling… I get to update and change the Country Bumpkin website and create webletters. Plus I get to help break stuff (I mean fix), like computers, webpages and ser…

Its Drawing Day tomorrow!!!

Just the other day while I was flicking through the calendar seeing what was coming up in May and June, I remember thinking… ‘cool, Drawing Day is coming up!’ Well, it feels like it was just the other day!! Its incredible how fast the time flies.

What a good way to end the week… these last few have been more hectic than usual… but the embroidery magazine has gone to the printers (well nearly, at least the patterns have gone) and so I can relax again and get back to not being such a workaholic. Yay!!! Love the job though… get to draw for a living, even if its only tracing!!!

I’ve some groovy new textas to play with tomorrow and some beautiful paper to draw on… Just need to think of something to draw… but I’ll leave that until I…

Yay... no more TAFE homework

At least not for a while. I won’t say never, just in case I decide in a year or so that I do want to do the bachelor of Arts, majoring in something lovely!! But for now I’m happy with just having work to contend with and juggling my art and RedBubble around it.
btw… I finished the Diploma of Mulitmedia and my parchment will arrive sometime in January!!! Yay!!!

This week’s been really slack where the computer’s concerned… so sorry to those who have missed my gorgeous cow batting her eyelashes around the bubbles. After the 3 weeks before that of mad rushing around, working double shifts and trying to get tafe homework done, I didn’t even want to look at the computer. But I did check my emails then answer or forward one or two, then turned it off agai…

Fireworks Spectacular

It was spectacular… the colours, the sounds! And all just up the road from us!! I had forgotton my trusty camera in our haste to get out the door (left it on the kitchen table!) and so all these pics are taken by my phone! Technology… isn’t it blooming marvellous? Pity they’re not good enough quality to put up huge on walls, but I thought they were worth sharing anyway!!
<br> They are at Southgate Plaze in Adelaide and I don’t know why they did it. MixFM (I still call them 5AD!!) hosted the night. If anyone know what the occasion was could they share? Thanks!
<br> Nearly makes up for not getting to the RB exhibition opening!!

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