Christie Downs, Australia


Happy Christmas to Everyone

to all my friends, virtual pals, ebuddies, inspiring bubblers, RB Elves, fave photographers, vector Gods and Godesses, heros and heroines…
the list could go on… I should just say to all of you!!!

I wish you all a trully magical and happy Christmas!!! I hope all your wishes come true and I expect that most of them will, especially if you’ve been good!!

I won’t be floating around the bubbles for a day or two, so I hope you all have a fantastic bubbly day and I’ll see you all here in the bubbles soon ;D

lots of love and hugs

I just wanna say... THANK YOU!!!

Thank You to my friend, Anne for loving my Red Robins so much that she looked for (and found) a reason to buy them!!! Here it is…

Such a fantastic feeling, smothered together with the all this Christmas warmth… what a fantastic day!!!

Thank you so very much again, Anne!!! Enjoy ;D


Urgent Help Needed

Hello everyone,

A friend is in need of vitally urgent help. My fave three legged puppy, “Samedog”:, is trying to get 10,000 views of his excellent tshirt designs before Christmas. He’s not asking for world peace or sales, just your time… but maybe you could fave one or two while you’re there!!

Here is a link to get you all started!! The next and previous buttons don’t seem to be working tonight on my mac, but hopefully they do for you.

Go, enjoy… and say hi to Jeff for me ;D


Yay... no more TAFE homework

At least not for a while. I won’t say never, just in case I decide in a year or so that I do want to do the bachelor of Arts, majoring in something lovely!! But for now I’m happy with just having work to contend with and juggling my art and RedBubble around it.
btw… I finished the Diploma of Mulitmedia and my parchment will arrive sometime in January!!! Yay!!!

This week’s been really slack where the computer’s concerned… so sorry to those who have missed my gorgeous cow batting her eyelashes around the bubbles. After the 3 weeks before that of mad rushing around, working double shifts and trying to get tafe homework done, I didn’t even want to look at the computer. But I did check my emails then answer or forward one or two, then turned it off agai…

Mother Nature at her best

How does such an ugly, prickly, unfriendly plant produce the most beautiful flowers? Obviously Mother Nature playing games after creating roses and daisies and other beautiful flowers with attractive foliage.

The flowers the above cactus produces are shown by Danni as well as below.

There was or is a house somewhere between Adelaide and Dublin that is surrounded by so many species of cactus. I always thought it an ugly garden until I moved to Laura where Mum and Dad had a couple of cactus plants. They were destined to be dug out (such is the sad fate of ugly, prickly plants) but one day they all showed their inner beauty of reds and pinks. Of course, after that day, they were cherished plants of the garden along with all the others.

Just an example of why not to judge books by their cov…

Bubble Meet at Mannum, South Australia

On the second weekend of November 2008 a group of Bubblers wandered into the town of Mannum, on the Mighty Murray River. Most of them were South Aussies, with one supagroovy Bubbler from Tassie. We had a total of 20 including the 3 Bubblers who visited from very very early Saturday morning until late that night.

The really wonderful and friendly Bubblers who attended were Photoj, Danni, Jim, Elphonline, Beautiful Valley, Suzanne, Patapping, Mtapping, Bombamermaid, Tamarama, Bill, PrincessBren and AndyGii, plus the adoring family members that tagged along out of pure love!

Not one to wake easily, I didn’t get up before the birds to take photos of the sun waking up. Most of the others did though (that’s dedication for you).
I’d say thousands (altogether) of photos were tak…

Holidays!!!!! aka RB Meet at Mannum!

Off to Mannum in 5 minutes or so (or 30 knowing my speed) to attend a weekend of fun, laughter, photography (hoping to learn lots) and generally relaxing and hopefully drawing too!! Not taking the paints, just he colouring stuff (pencils, textas etc).

So, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and don’t miss me too much! I don’t know if I’ll have internet connection up there, so I’ll be back on Sunday night to brag about it all and hopefully, if I’m totally organised (ha ha) have some photos too!

Anything I miss I will catch up with then ;D

rush rush… time is going so fast today!!

Make sure Fa starts feeling better and Ellen enjoys being married… Karin, I’m sure you will have tonnes of new artworks for me to goggle over!! Feels weird not bei…

Compassion, Courage and Friendship ... a book review

if anyone knows how to get an animated gif to play, PLEASE let me know!!! I will be most grateful :D

Compassion, Courage and Friendship the Book

The newest publication by the Elves and Community of RedBubble arrived via the friendly postie yesterday afternoon. I’d forgotten all about it and wondered what it was that had arrived.

I turned the package over and over while I walked to my desk from the front door. I opened it, then dropped the packaging on the floor for Socks to play with. She just loves cardboard!!

More first thoughts were…. ooooooh!!! It’s the new book!!! Mmmmmmm, smells great! Feels beautifully silky smooth… love that matt varnish. It feels like a cross between silk and velvet!! It smells so nice. I keep smelling it. Such a lovely smell of varnish, …

Me, Myself and I

This is me!!! Nobody else was home, so I had to make do with using the mirror!! But at least it sort of worked ;D

Here’s the garden too… Its so much like a real backyard with a veggie patch and rainwater tank!!! Green tank of course! Even all the concrete frogs and cats look happier ;D

The veggie patch… includes pretty little weeds with pink flowers growing wherever they like on the pavers, plus tomatoes, spinach, phacelia and pansies!!

At the foot of those ratbag kitties is a frog encouraging all to grow!!

I have another frog like this one… he says ‘I tried but it died’. Doesn’t make a pretty picture as its in a dead pot plant (says it all really).

Now you have seen my haven ;D

World Mental Health Day ... 10 October 2008

Our beloved Karin is bending over backwards with tonnes of help and information for those that suffer from depression either in the past, present (or future… well, there is no warning and it doesn’t always have a cause).

one journal entry touched a nerve but it’s such an important thing to speak out and not stay silent.

The help, support and information is equally important for those that know somebody who suffers this terrible illness.

So I suggest you all go and have a read, let those tears flow and have a great day of healing.

btw… Christmas is arriving soon and it is one time of the year that is harder than most. For such a day of hope, it brings much sadness. Hopefully, anything we do or say now will help when it’s needed most.

Don't like this slow internet stuff!!

I’ve not been around alot lately. All I did was update a few things on the computer and next thing I know, I’ve been shaped.
Not into anything adorable or cute like a frog or a cat or a little monster… not even into a bird!! No. My internet speed is shaped or rather, slowed down (by heaps)… but only from 12noon to 2am each day until Oct 11.
So annoying. My available time to be here in the bubbles is at night (and each page takes forever to load), after my son’s gone to bed!!

He came home on Saturday, btw, after a week with his father. Its so fantastic that he’s home safe and sound!! I know, I say that every time he comes home. Its just how I feel. And he feels happy and safe to be home. So we’re even!!!

Plus we’re off to Wallaroo to see my v…

Sales!!! What a surprise :D

I’m sending a huge thank you so much to Udonchow for buying my Red Robins on a button!! My first Zazzle sale too :D

Udonchow’s own work in the bubbles of RB as well as Zazzle is really fantastic and you should all go take a look!

Also thank you also to the wonderful person (whoever they are) who has bought Butterflies Galore 3 as cards!!

It is such a thrill that people like my work so much that they’ll buy it!!!

Thanks so much everyone :D

Please welcome new bubblers

Yay!!!! Vicki has finally joined RedBubble!!! She has so many gorgeous photos… one day I hope she’ll upload them all (well, at least lots!).

I first met Vicki and her wonderful family when Zac and I moved to Laura. Even with our dramas at the time, they made us so welcome and always encouraged me in everything I’ve done and want to do.

I’ve just found that one of Vicki’s sisters has just joined RB too!!! How excellent!!! Please welcome Amy to our bubbles as well. She too has so many beautiful photos.

I know you will all make Vicki and Amy feel welcome and loved, just as you do for me!

Thank you all so much!!

Happy bubbles

Thank you wonderful Anonymous Person

I sold two tshirts yesterday!!! What a surprise!! Thank you to whoever it was that bought them. I’ll be wrapped in warm fuzzies all day long ;D

I was planning on bubbling around the bubbles yesterday (Saturday) but got carried away in the sunshine (outside) in the garden. Well, we’re in a unit and our garden is pot plants and weeds between the pavers, but it’s still a garden. I’m turning Zac’s old clam shell sand pit into a veggie patch. Well, that is to say, flowers and tomatoes and spinach!! It won’t get much sunshine so peas and beans and strawberries are out of the question… Mind you… I could move it nearer the window and put it under an umbrella in Summer. Usually all my plants die over summer cos of the intense heat. Hmmm…. the…

50 things you never wanted to know about me!!

A new bubble phenonemon started by JC Montgomery and organised into a directory by Anne. I thought I’d answer one too! Feel free to do the same… it’s only a bit of fun!! Then pop into the directory and include your link. ;D

1. Do you like blue cheese?
no… I do not like mouldy cheese!! even if its meant to be mouldy.

2. Have you ever smoked a cigarette?
once… I was 16. I chain smoked 3 in a row and haven’t touched them since!!

3. Do you own a gun?
Never have and never ever will. Apart from the waterpistols I had as a child, my Mum says I had a popgun once too. So maybe change that to sortof never have and never ever will again.

4. What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?
What’s Sonic? is it a place? I like Vodka, lemon and soda… or white co…

Playing games and Zazzling

I joined Zazzle!! Just so I could sell shoes and stuff too!! They have some cool stuff over there. Please be ignore my really basic banner… I’ve yet to create something groovy!! It’s on my to do list.

Let me know what you think, whether it’s good news or not!! Given time, I’ll work it all out over there, but in the mean time, any hints, tips or anything else would be most appreciated!!

Also on my to do list is adding new products and working out how to get noticed. I think I’ll only be adding things that RB don’t sell… like shoes!!!
I’m not in a rush… I’m quite happy with what’s there now, at least until I’ve got more time. At least I’ve got shoes now!! Even if they are only basic.
In the meantime, I&…

thank you!!!

Thank you so much to whoever made my day!!! I hope you love the tshirt and receive many compliments while wearing it!!!

Have heaps of fun in the bubbles!!


I’m apologising for clogging up the overview page of any people who have generously put me on their watchlist! Please don’t delete me!!!

I found out today that I’ve missed so many comments over the past 4 months or so. I have no idea how such wonderful thoughts snuck past without so much as a thanks for visiting.

So, I’m really sorry!!! I look forward to seeing all of your wonderful works of art, photos, poems, stories and comments!!


What a week... and it's only Monday!!!!!

First of all, my baby is now 10 years old!!! He had a birthday yesterday and while taking photos, as you do, I noticed that he was somehow looking older!!!
It’s ok… he hasn’t been my baby for years now… He’s often been called Grandpa by his school teachers (in a nice way) since he was 5 yo!!!
I love him heaps and am so proud of him… and he’s nearly as tall as I am!!!

You all remember this book that I was paying out the other week?

A book arrived in the mail today!! And I have to say I am actually rather impressed!!! Who’d have thought I’d like reading a book, I mean ‘Manual’, full of facts and figures? I mean, it’s not like it’s a book about insects or fairies or dragons or even a book about Adobe’s Flash …

tick tock tick tock

why is it when you’re waiting and waiting for something to happen (ie, the clock to turn 4.45 so I can go get Zac from his father’s) that the ticking and tocking of the clock slows right down to 1 minute seeming like an hour.

waiting and waiting, since this morning. Not concentrating on anything. Not even here in the bubbles.

Yesterday I was fine. Had a whole sleep to go till today. Now I’m just really fed up with waiting.

and yet… all the other days of this year have been going so fast.

tick tock tick tock… blonde brain is in control… but the fingers seem to be still typing ok. A whole lot of rubbish but still working ok!!

Have a great weekend everyone. Next time I’m around, I’ll have my child home safe and sound and will hopefully have my …

Please vote for me too in the Doc Martin Boot Design competition

I have to say thank you to my Mum who painted the original which is hanging on my bedroom wall!! We’ll be splitting the prize if I win! You never know, stranger things have happened… I’m at 9695th!! ha ha
I also have to say thank you to Webgrrl for showing me this comp and I’ve been physically thanking her nearly every day by voting!! Her boots are super cool and one is 23rd!!
Dimarie has entries and so has her friend Hahpistuff who is 18th!!!

So at least vote for one of us PLEASE!!!! We’ve all got amazing designs, if I don’t mind saying so myself!!

Thank you ;D and have fun in the bubbles!!

Doctor Who

Just watching the Doctor while floating around… There’s a new character (no, not Kylie) and he’s remarkably similar in texture to a groovy caterpillar we’ve got featured in the Insects, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies group. He’s red with blue spikes all over!!! So cool!!!

I just had to share…

for those that don’t know… its on the ABC or channel 2

For love of cats, birds and flowers

Wow!!! pngs upload heaps faster than jpegs!!! Could be that its vector too…

A new set of artworks is in the making. About this little bird who just loves to give presents. The first one is a daisy (obviously). The others have been designed on paper, but are yet to be redrawn into illustrator.

Going overboard, I suppose, but I’ve uploaded it for cards, tshirts and wallart!!

Let me know what you think… all critique is most welcome (and needed!!).

Origami Man Explores the Universe

Meet Origami Man. He travels around the universe in his spaceship which, unfortunately, sometimes gets navigationally embarrassed. Here they are meeting Venus Fly Trap and are hoping for a friendly greeting. I hope the VFTs aren’t hungry because they don’t actually eat flies. If Origami Man is lucky, the VFT favours clay spacepeople, not paper ones!!

I was watching tv the other night and noticed the show I was watching had shoes on its spaceship!!! Hey, I said, they pinched my idea!!! But guess what? The ‘new’ show I was watching was Red Dwarf, and apparently it’s been around for 20 years!!!! ;D

If you’d like any wording added to any of my artwork, please don’t hesitate to bubblemail me and let me know what you’d like!!
Whether it be pa

two little birdies sitting on a tree

Thanks RB Elves for putting my cute feathered friends on the home page!! And for so long too ;D I have to admit, I had a quick squizz to see if they were still perched on the page (and they are!!). Can’t tell you how excellent it feels ;D

For those of you that have left wonderful comments, Thank You so MUCH!!

I’ve put the tshirt pic above so that you can all see how groovy it looks on clothing… it surprised me how cute they were!

That’s enough bragging… enjoy your night! I’ve got to get back to burning dinner!


The Long Weekend... thanks to the Queen's Birthday

Some of you had to work this long weekend, like I usually do (but didn’t!!!!!), but for the rest of you that had Saturday’s Drawing Day to draw, Sunday to relax and Monday to hang out anywhere you like, I hope it you all had fun! I know we did!

My son and I went to the beach yesterday. It was cold, slightly windy and wet…. but only wet from the knees down (for me… my son sat in the water fully clothed!!). The water wasn’t cold surprisingly. I thought it’d be freezing. I know people say that the water is warmer in Winter than it is in Summer, but I’ve never really believed them until now. Maybe it’s cos we’re cold already!! Next time I’ll be rolling my jeans up!!!

I only took a few hundred photos… you know the usual… s…

Just in time

Phew!! Finished all my work just in time to enjoy Drawing Day!!! Yay!!!

Here is my drawing for the day…

But drawing day shouldn’t stop at the end of today. It should be something we do every day! Time is a factor, but I for one will try and make time!!

I’ve also finally managed to fine time to sort out my two cat tshirts that were’nt behaving. Probably had a cat fight with the pixels or something. So now they’re uploaded again, with apologies for those that had favourited them.

I wish you all a fabulous Drawing Day and wonderful weekend!! Enjoy ;D


Hello everyone! I just popped into the Bubbles to wish you all a happy Easter. I wish you all to have lots of fun, happiness, laughter, chocolate, boiled eggs (with soldiers/toast), hot cross buns, and anything else that the Easter Bilby and Bunny (they work together these days) bring you to remind you of this important occasion.

My son is home this weekend (yay!! exciting cos he’s only home every 2nd Easter) and he’s in for a treat! We had chocolate hot cross buns for breakfast today (nice, but I prefer the real ones) and on Sunday we’ll be colouring eggs! We use textas and paint to decorate our eggs. I’ll have to remember to take photos before everyone digs in to eat them!

Of course we’ll have an egg hunt as well… we always do, even if my son’s …

What a cure for aches of wisdom teeth

To the kind person who bought this tshirt ;D
Thank you so much!! I hope you (or whoever you’re giving it to) loves wearing it!! Enjoy ;D

Woo hoo!!! I sold a tshirt!! So exciting ;D The warm fuzzies from this should keep the aches to a minimum for a bit. No need to drag me to the dentist… I’m going on Thursday (ew).

Incredible Artist Alert

Hi everyone,

I highly recommend you go visit Vlad and check out his incredibly inspiring artwork.

When you see it, you’ll see what I mean! I found his website through something (can’t remember where!) and just had to tell him about us.

He’s new here and I’m sure would love a welcome basket of bubbles!!

I’d show a sample but I can’t get the pics and code to copy (I’m at tafe on a pc).



Thank you so much to the person who made my day!!! I hope you love the tshirt and receive many compliments while wearing it ;D

Hear ye Hear ye

I just had a brilliant idea!!! Use the posters for wrapping paper! I’ve heard they’re made of beautiful paper and would be perfect for this.
Of course you could go silly and wrap a canvas or framed print with the tshirt to protect it, then wrap it all with a poster, then top it off with a greeting card. Cos you don’t give pressies without a card! And it would save on packaging too.

Silly idea or ingenious? You decide!!!


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