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Hi, my name is Jenny James, an artist, graphic designer and photographer, living in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. I share my home with my son and our adorable black and white cat, Socks. I’m also known as Georgiegirl (obviously!), GeorgiegirlofRB and Art by Jenny :)

My graphic design career began over 20 years ago at The Adelaide Advertiser as an ENS Compositor, and now I also have my Diploma of Multimedia. Over the years have worked on newspapers, advertising, all forms of printed media, books and magazines as well as sewing, craft and embroidery patterns.

When I’m not working, I’m usually drawing, painting (digitally and traditionally), creating ATCs (Artist Trading Cards), scrapbooking, animating with drawings, clay and the computer, and floating around my favourite virtual home (Redbubble, not Facebook… although FB is one cool playground). One day, I hope to become a full time artist and spend each and every day creating, designing, drawing, painting and modeling (with clay!).

If you see anything you like in my profile and would like it as a different product or would like a personalised product or calendar, please simply send me a bubblemail or if you’re not a member of the Redbubble Community, send me an email.

I thank you all for taking the time to have a look around at my portfolio of artwork and photography… I really do appreciate it. There’s always so much to see throughout Redbubble, so float around and enjoy your stay.

Happy bubbling,

My other virtual worlds to share with you all are
Art by Jenny my website with my graphic design portfolio
Floating Around in Bubbles a place to brag about everything
ArtbyJenny.GGofRB on FB my Facebook page

GeorgiegirlofRB at the Sketchbook Project my virtual space at the ArtHouse website, part of the ‘Sketchbook Project’

GeorgiegirlofRB chirps at Twitter somewhere to chat to myself via the universe
GeorgiegirlofRB at Zazzle

My portfolio at Behance another place to show off my artwork and photography. These guys have some amazing ideas and thoughts :D

I’m Georgiegirl or Jenny James here in RB but throughout the rest of the virtual universe I’ve had to call myself GeorgiegirlofRB (get it? GG of RB) as there are various other Georgiegirls around… But you know that if you find my adorable cow, then you’ll know it’s me!

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International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination

My Mum, Rayjun, is also a bubbler and has found that now she’s retired, has plenty more time for her passions of painting, illustrating and writing stories and poetry.

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Tawny Frogmouth Sketch - Sketchbook Project pic 1

I joined the Arthouse Sketchbook Project late last year – all of a few weeks ago (saying “last year” makes it sound so long ago!). We have various themes to choose from and I’ve chosen Why did the owl make everyone laugh?. Well, why not, I thought, everyone needs a good laugh now and then… thinking that it would just be awesome to draw heaps of owls and things that m…
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A new year, another attempt at being organised!

Happy New Year to all of you!!! Its going to be a wonderful year (it will I tell you… it has no choice!!!) and with any luck, I’ll finally be really good at time management and fit everything in that I want to do each and every day! Wish me luck :D / To start off with, I’ve organised all my work notes and to do lists that have been gathering over the past ‘few’ month…
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Life is Beautiful

My world is totally filled with creativity from all angles!!! And I love it!!! / Even mowing the grass yesterday I found myself ‘drawing’ pictures with the mower… yes, a tad sad… but pretty awesome at the same time! They didn’t look very good so I just kept mowing…! Sorry, no pictures. I’ll keep practising and maybe one day will take a pic. / I updated my…
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Its Drawing Day tomorrow!!!

Just the other day while I was flicking through the calendar seeing what was coming up in May and June, I remember thinking… ‘cool, Drawing Day is coming up!’ Well, it feels like it was just the other day!! Its incredible how fast the time flies. / What a good way to end the week… these last few have been more hectic than usual… but the embroidery magazine has gone t…
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