God is Great?

God is Great?
With hatred in their hearts
and Death in their hands
they shout that “God is Great!”

Kalashnikovs on rapid fire -
their bullets don’t discriminate.
And still they shout that “God is Great!”

Explosives hidden under robes.
Before they die, fanatics shout
with final breath that “God is Great!”

Innocent victims then explode
in ghastly showers of blood and bone.
Now, some will celebrate that “God is Great!”

The mourning ululations
are screamed into the sky -
proclaiming that their god is great.

Tomorrow, mourning will continue,
fresh coffins borne above their heads -
and wailing that their god is great.

A god who welcomes murderous martyrs
and who rewards their bloody deeds
can never be the God for me!

Their god is great – but so is mine!
If gods above indeed do battle -
who should the victor be?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
march 2012. written after watching
endless news bulletins showing
a never ending stream of senseless
mutilation, death and suffering.
there is no need to add any images -
we have all seen far too many of them.

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