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God is Great?

God is Great?
With hatred in their hearts
and Death in their hands
they shout that “God is Great!”

Kalashnikovs on rapid fire -
their bullets don’t discriminate.
And still they shout that “God is Great!”

Explosives hidden under robes.
Before they die, fanatics shout
with final breath that “God is Great!”

Innocent victims then explode
in ghastly showers of blood and bone.
Now, some will celebrate that “God is Great!”

The mourning ululations
are screamed into the sky -
proclaiming that their god is great.

Tomorrow, mourning will continue,
fresh coffins borne above their heads -
and wailing that their god is great.

A god who welcomes murderous martyrs
and who rewards their bloody deeds
can never be the God for me!

Their god is great – but so is mine!
If gods above indeed do battle -
who should the victor be?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
march 2012. written after watching
endless news bulletins showing
a never ending stream of senseless
mutilation, death and suffering.
there is no need to add any images -
we have all seen far too many of them.


  • Donna Keevers Driver
    Donna Keevers ...over 2 years ago

    I hear your pain and passion and angst… and I so agree:
    A god who welcomes murderous martyrs
    and who rewards their bloody deeds
    can never be the God for me!

    If “it” (what the it may be in one’ life) is not done in love, then it is not of God… it is of ego and personal bias and agenda.

    Well said, George.

  • Thanks very much Donna, I’m in agreement with you too. george

    – George Petrovsky

  • © Hany G. Jadaa © Prince John Photography
    © Hany G. Jada...over 2 years ago

    Hey George; I can feel your pain and I can feel your cries; I can feel their pain and I can feel their cries; regardless of where in this world this is happening, it is TOTALLY sensless and disgusting. If their god is great, my God and yours is GREATER and mightier; if their god welcomes the sensless massacre of inncoent men, women and children, it is not a god. Because the God I know believes in dignity for the human race, regardless of race, skin colour, ethnic background, political affiliation, language, heritage, personal differences, etc. Because the God I know is a God of love, peace, respect, and dignity for all; not hatred and killing and sensless murders in the name of some fictitious god invented by the few. For crying out loud, we all breathe the same air; we all enjoy the same sun; and we all live on the same planet. Why the heck can’t we just all get along and respect each other for what we are as humans. I was born to that race, but I abandoned their guns and their bullets in the name of a greater God that I embraced since birth. I was born to that race, and I abandoned their cries and their suffering. Can you hear mine?

  • Hany – you have spoken far more eloquently than I have. We see the death and destruction but rarely if ever do we see the long term consequences for people who just want to live their lives in peace. We can not and must not taint all those of a particular race or culture with the negativity that extremists and fanatics have burdened them with. I hear you, my friend. george

    – George Petrovsky

  • MarianBendeth
    MarianBendethover 2 years ago

    Man is advanced and man is still base and tribal. We have such a long way to go. When viewing Earth from the Universe, we are a grain of sand in the galaxy and yet we still murder, hurt and maim eachother because of tribal attitudes. When will we ever learn?

  • Indeed, Marian, when will we ever learn? The command to love one another is one that is sadly the most ignored. Thanks for your considered response. george

    – George Petrovsky

  • Fara
    Faraover 2 years ago

    A very heartfelt piece of writing George about the incredible suffering that we witness every day. I remember in 1968 when the first civil rights marches began here in N Ireland, and after all that troubled time we have emerged to be an example of what can be achieved by dialogue and the abandoning of weapons, but it is a slow process.
    It breaks my heart to see children suffer and it breaks my heart to see injustice but I do not believe for one moment that every Muslim is a terrorist. I am reading a wonderful book at the moment and I recommend it to you if you can get it ‘Our Last Best Chance’ by King Abdullah 11 of Jordan.
    I sincerely hope that this tiny little country where I live is a shining example of what can be achieved in bringing about peace and real change……………………………….Joyce

  • Thank you Joyce, for your response from one who has witnessed troubled times in your own country. There is no implication that every Muslim is a terrorist, which is patently untrue. There are many men of peace amongst them, who also decry the senseless slaughter – but they get very little voice or recognition by the mass media, who seem to concentrate on negatives.
    Indeed, Ireland is a positive example of what can be brought about through peaceful means by putting aside ancient biases and conflicts..

    – George Petrovsky

  • Michael Matthews
    Michael Matthewsover 2 years ago

    It sounds better than ‘The devil made me do it’ .. but with more delusion !

  • Yes, Michael – one can only wonder what goes on in the heads of those bent on destroying others, and in those who listen to the extremists and fanatics.

    – George Petrovsky

  • SharonD
    SharonDover 2 years ago

    Well written George.

  • Thank you Sharon – I’m glad this has provided some food for thought. george

    – George Petrovsky

  • GailD
    GailDover 2 years ago

    I think Hany summed it up pretty well.

  • Thanks Gail – Hany has indeed hit the nail on the head very eloquently. george

    – George Petrovsky

  • kenspics
    kenspicsover 2 years ago

    Powerful, passionate, and very eloquently written George…with a message that NEEDS to be heard!!!

  • Thanks very much Ken, I know you understand the message, as have others. It has always been a conflicting image in my mind of two opposing armies of old, brandishing swords and spears, rushing headlong towards each other, about to commit senseless slaughter – each convinced that God was on their side! This does not compute with me. george

    – George Petrovsky

  • Nikolay Semyonov
    Nikolay Semyonovover 2 years ago

    seems like there’s no common god on the human level as long as there’s politics…alas, it’s also inside us. love your poem!

  • Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment, Nikolay, and I’m sorry for the late reply. Sometimes, I think if there was no television coverage of the screamers, wars and bloody incidents would be much fewer! How can I be so cynical? Bog znayet! :)george

    – George Petrovsky

  • Irina Chuckowree
    Irina Chuckowreeabout 2 years ago

    felt your anguish with my heart!
    the religion is often a weapon in the hands of those seeking power. that is the main reason why I’m anti-religious. there is nothing wrong with having personal beliefs, but on-one should force their beliefs on anyone else.

  • Thanks very much for taking the time to read and comment – much appreciated. Yes, I must agree, Irina. If someone disagrees with your beliefs, they should be eliminated! This is a religion? Not in my book!

    On a lighter note, if you click on “Portfolio” above, it will take you to a page where you click on “Filter by Medium” on the LH side. “Writing” should appear last on the list and if you click on that, you will find 5 chapters on “The Ancient Art of Copywriting” A story yet to be completed… start from the first chapter which is at the bottom. Something a little different… :) george

    – George Petrovsky

  • Thanks, Irina, for adding this to your Favourites – appreciated! :) G!

    – George Petrovsky