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Thirlmere, Australia

An old photographer and his dog trying to find what turns a photograph into a worthwhile picture. Perhaps try to take a worthwhile...


The Ace

The Ace

Does anybody out there know

I’ve never been defeated

by John McEnroe?

No! No no no no no no no!

Not by Nadal or Jokovic or Federer!

Is it because I’m simply betterer?

Every word here’s absolutely true:

I’m not a tennis player.

Well – are you?

© 2016 george petrovsky

Heart-warming Christmas Spirit

Heart-warming Christmas Spirit

The generosity and thoughtfulness of people, especially at this time of the year, never fails to bring a warm glow to the heart – and sometimes a tear to the eye.

Why, only this morning as I checked my emails, the President of the Bank of Lower Messapotamia had a personal message for me: $2.5 million dollars were waiting to be deposited into my bank account! How it was that I came across this little windfall was unclear – but after I buy my seaside villa, yacht and luxury SUV, upgrade my camera gear to medium format, I’ll be distributing excess monies to worthy charities.

Not only that, but numerous others have a deep concern for my financial welfare. I could have my own ATM, make many thousands of dollars with just 3 clicks – and even make huge heaps of mon

Manage your Portfolio? You Jest!!!

Here we have an old fuddy – duddy, a grumpy old fart, a techno-twit in the world of IT and computer program design, who longs for the “Good Old Days” on Red Bubble.…

There was a time when an image had a little < or > either side of it, which meant you could go forward to the next or back to the previous image.

This simple system has disappeared. Because it was too logical and too easy to use.

There was a time when going to “Manage your Portfolio” meant you could manage it. Doing such basic things as clicking on it and editing a particular image.

OK – I’m as thick as two short planks. I uploaded an image and a blank appeared, despite it appearing on various products. So – I decided to upload it a second time. The second upload worked. But LATER – so did the first! Now I have TWO identical

Cootamundra Show Winners

It’s not often that I enter any of my photographs in shows. Having been persuaded to submit some to the recent show at Cootamundra, I was very pleasantly surprised that all my 7 entries received some recognition!

1st Colour Landscape : Southern Highlands Storm……………

.1st Mono Landscape : Old Tree in the Mist (CTAPOE DEPEBO B TYMAHE)

2nd Colour Flowers : Grevillea Unfolding…….

3rd Colour Landscape : Gum Trees Grazing………………

.3rd “Other” : Misty Horse grazing (yet to be posted on RB) ………….Highly Commended, Open : Rescue Boat 584N……………Highly Commended, Digital Manipulation : Heading Home.

It just goes to Show! Doing a Happy Dance!

:) george

Exciting New Artist bursts into Red Bubble!

Kaienari…. This will be a name to remember as the works of this talented Artist from Thirlmere NSW, send a frissant of raw excitement through the Art World!

Working in a variety of mediums, presently using acrylics, Kaienari – in the current series – used the unique format of creating the works on dried sawn timber, to give unforeseen depth and unique texture. Of course, the original sawn timber planks can’t be sent through the mail, but naturally, Posters or Canvases are available to grace the walls of discerning Art lovers.

Please, go and visit Kaienari’s site, which is in its formative stages. Make the artist welcome to Red Bubble and, of course, purchase some of the fabulous works!


God is Great?

God is Great?
With hatred in their hearts
and Death in their hands
they shout that “God is Great!”…

Kalashnikovs on rapid fire -
their bullets don’t discriminate.
And still they shout that “God is Great!”

Explosives hidden under robes.
Before they die, fanatics shout
with final breath that “God is Great!”

Innocent victims then explode
in ghastly showers of blood and bone.
Now, some will celebrate that “God is Great!”

The mourning ululations
are screamed into the sky -
proclaiming that their god is great.

Tomorrow, mourning will continue,
fresh coffins borne above their heads -
and wailing that their god is great.

A god who welcomes murderous martyrs
and who rewards their bloody deeds
can never be the God for me!

Their god is great – but so is mine!
If gods above indeed do battle -
who should the victor be?

Fourteen February Features & 3 Top Tens

For the next week, I will be doing a lot of running around – not sure if the laptop will accompany me or how good wireless internet reception will be where I’m going.
February has been a good month for me with 14 Featureds in various groups and 3 Top Ten finishes in various challenges. Both my Nikon and Sony have featured.

Thank you very much to all the Hosts who have featured my works. This is always a great honour for me. It makes a bloke want to keep going with his photography.

A Great Big Special Thanks to all my RB friends who continue to visit my site and favourite my works. Your encouraging comments are always very much appreciated!

:) george

Double Floral Features!

Much to my delight, two of my native flower photographs have just been featured!

“Deep Purple (Patersonia sericea)” has been featured in the Wildflowers of the World Group.

“Australian Fringed Lilies (Thyanotus tuberosus)” has the # 1 spot in the Australian Wildflowers Group!

The amazing thing is, that both of these flowers were found within a few minutes walk of my humble abode, on the fringes of the bush at Thirlmere, NSW.

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait