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An old bloke and his dog. The bloke takes the odd picture.

Living in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales in Oz allows me to bring you its rural landscapes, flowers, animals and wildlife. I have also included some pictures of my travels over the years to various other parts of NSW and Australia.

My Nikon D80 will be bringing you most of my pictures, with a few from my old D70 thrown in. Maybe even some from my old Pentax Spotmatic!

Necessity to always have a camera with me – just in case – has added a Sony W630 to my photographic armoury. The Carl Zeiss lens sealed the deal for me!

Of course it’s a female camera! Delicate, sensitive, beautiful from without and within, complex beyond belief, to be treated with care and respect. Unpredictable – but only if you don’t know what you’re doing – capable of bringing one to great highs, as well as plunging one into the depths of despair when the results of your best efforts to fully understand her hit a brick wall!

Quite often, I will turn her to “Auto Intelligent” and let her do all the thinking. More often than not, she’s right and says: “See – I told you so! Trust me!”

2011: Many said it wouldn’t happen, but I have at last reached “Age Pensioner” status. Funny, I don’t feel all that different! Maybe a few more years will tell….

To reward myself for having reached this milestone, I’ve gone a bit berserk and bought a new lens for my D80 – now probably in the same aged category as myself. After much searching of lens reviews and seeing some of the work produced by this lens by fellow Red Bubblers, plus budgetary considerations, I’ve settled on a Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4 HSM OS Macro. OK, this won’t make me an instant famous photographer, but may help improve the quality of images I present.

(aka george@gophotos on the old DPF site!)

A Birth Certificate shows we were born.
A Death Certificate shows that we died.
Pictures show that we Lived! (Anon)

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Manage your Portfolio? You Jest!!!

Here we have an old fuddy – duddy, a grumpy old fart, a techno-twit in the world of IT and computer program design, who longs for the “Good Old Days” on Red Bubble. / There was a time when an image had a little < or > either side of it, which meant you could go forward to the next or back to the previous image. / This simple system has disappeared. Because it was too logi…
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Cootamundra Show Winners

It’s not often that I enter any of my photographs in shows. Having been persuaded to submit some to the recent show at Cootamundra, I was very pleasantly surprised that all my 7 entries received some recognition! / 1st Colour Landscape : Southern Highlands Storm…………… / .1st Mono Landscape : Old Tree in the Mist (CTAPOE DEPEBO B TYMAHE) / 2nd Colour Flowers : Gr…
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Exciting New Artist bursts into Red Bubble!

Kaienari…. This will be a name to remember as the works of this talented Artist from Thirlmere NSW, send a frissant of raw excitement through the Art World! / Working in a variety of mediums, presently using acrylics, Kaienari – in the current series – used the unique format of creating the works on dried sawn timber, to give unforeseen depth and unique texture. Of course, the …
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God is Great?

God is Great? / With hatred in their hearts / and Death in their hands / they shout that “God is Great!” / Kalashnikovs on rapid fire - / their bullets don’t discriminate. / And still they shout that “God is Great!” / Explosives hidden under robes. / Before they die, fanatics shout / with final breath that “God is Great!” / Innocent victims then explode /…
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