New Westminster, Canada

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I am a graphic artist currently based in Spain.

I am inspired by everything around me. I love life, traveling and creating art.

ge•ni•us lo•ci |ˈjēnēəs ˈlōsī; -kī|
the prevailing character or atmosphere of a place.
• the presiding god or spirit of a place.

Graphic Design and Photography


  • Joined: February 2008


Guy Sombrero

Hello to everyone in redbubble land. Just wanted to let you know that I have a new facebook page to shamelessly promote my work. I’ve got 4 likes and my goal is at least 6. Come on people, make my dreams come true!!! / By the way I’ve changed my name to Guy Sombrero…. if you were wondering. / Take a look at Guy Sombrero on Facebook / also, if you have time, take a look at my web…
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VOTE for London Calling T-Shirt...please!!!

Hi Everyone / Thank you all for supporting my work, I enjoy being part of this artistic community. It’s very inspiring! / Now, could you help a brother out, and perhaps shoot me a vote in the London Calling T-shirt competition? I am making a detour to London in the next month, and I would love to see my shirt in the store, representing graphic artists, and getting the word out on Red Bubble…
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