I’ve been drawing prolifically ever since I could hold a pencil and I think of myself an artist even though I didn’t chose to focus on that as a career path. I consider art to be more a way of seeing than creating pieces to hang on a wall. I’m aware that everything I see is my interpretation of light and colour. I attempt to replicate this in my drawings and paintings, paying close attention to detail. In my photography, I attempt to capture scenes in a way that is aesthetically pleasing with a touch of the exotic or extraordinary. I’ve also created a few digital artworks with corelDRAW and photoshop.

I have also painted murals on a number of traffic signal boxes for the Brisbane City Council. My work is on display on this website: Urban Smart Projects

I took drawing classes when I was young and art classes in High School. I am self taught in photography.

  • Joined: July 2011