I’ve been fascinated with art and photography for as long as I can remember. Almost every day I endeavor to create something new and further refine my photographic skills. I just love the ability to capture those breathtaking moments and feelings that we so often experience alone, and share them with others so they may feel as I have and perhaps gain a certain understanding from viewing the world from a fresh perspective.

There is no rigid set style to my art… As of right now anyway. Having recently rediscovered my passion, I yearn to create all sorts of pieces, from the oil painting to the computer generated. However, one theme that you may notice, is that I love creating mixed media pieces. Often times, this involves a symbiotic synthesis of photos, hand sketches, and computer generate art that I feel really captures the inner qì of our dreams, thoughts, and ideals.

As for my photography, and I feel strongly about this, you must figure out my style for yourself… :)

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me and I hope we cross paths again.

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