• © Karin  Taylor
    © Karin Taylorabout 2 years ago

    I guess Redbubble will be working on another template for us for the iPhone 5 …hope so George! :)

  • Cindy Schnackel
    Cindy Schnackelabout 2 years ago

    Maybe RB will go more toward the way Blue Canvas does it. phone skins don’t require templates or anything. It’s made from the same JPEG people upload for their prints. The buyer can adjust the scale and position of it on the case. I have heard, not verified, that BC’s skins are more like stickers. RB’s cases are nice, I have seen them. But the way BC gets the image on there is cool.

  • I have RB case and they are very nice, but watch out for buying a leather case for them that fits. I have since bought an Otterbox for my Iphone 4

    – George Lenz

  • Cindy Schnackel
    Cindy Schnackelabout 2 years ago

    BTW i blurred out the user info and image in case anyone objected, but you can see the sliding scale, etc, that the buyer can move around.

  • Judi FitzPatrick
    Judi FitzPatrickabout 2 years ago

    Nothing yet, eh?