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Gema Sharpe

Gema Sharpe

Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

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I am currently nearing the end of my foundation year at shrewsbury college of arts and tecnology, in october i will be starting on my BA hons at herefored college of art
please turn to my journal page for detailed information about myself as an artist, i hope this will enhance your viewing of my gallery. I would one day like to support myself through art, therefore any help or hints, feedback or friendship will be received enthusiastically.
If your work often features themes of animal rights then I would very much like to hear with you. I have been a committed vegan for a year now, and have began outwardly expressing my lifestyle through my art to better understand myself personally, and explore inviting other people into a very personal aspect of myself. I am interesting in seeing any work of a similar nature.
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  • Age: 24
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Suporting Statement: Vegan work

The idea behind this project came from a desire to explore the ethical and political aspects of the vegan life style. I completed a study around the main aspects of the online vegan community. I created a few spall experimental pieces during this time, trying to find a suitable look for my work, however I was not happy as these pieces were responding to a society that had extremist views, such as…
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Personal statement

This year studying for my BTEC Diploma in Foundation Studies Art and Design has been all about experiment for me, I have felt the confidence to progress from canvas into bolder three dimensional pieces and have expanded on my knowledge of art theory, seeking reference not only from fine artists but from other forms of media. I have taken to applying a handmade craft like appearance to my work, us…
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Current project: responding to my vegan diet

In this project I investigated vegan websites, to find ethical reasons as to why someone would not want to eat meat, part of the reason I am vegan is because I feel emotional attachment to the welfare of animals, and looked at how some meat and dairy products are obtained, raising awarness, without being bias. / I have research why most people are vegan, and explored the extremist attitude of act…
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