Dooms day and fries by Gema Sharpe

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I have nothing against people who eat meat and this is not about fighting against peoples choices, it is about how i view food, and part of that is my compassion for animals, this painting demonstrates that by reversing the roles in a well known context like mcdonalds. Inspired by the apocalyptic imagery of doomsday paintings and various works featuring Anthropomorphism, such as fairy tale illustrations and the collection featuring images of dogs playing poker by C. M. Coolidge.

any paint i found around college, i know the white is probably printing ink and the red was watercolour, the rest i think are acrylic. on canvas


horror, vegan, mcdonalds, doomsday


  • S .
    S .about 4 years ago

    awesome art.. very creative

  • Ashley Hanna
    Ashley Hannaabout 4 years ago

    Very good!!!! I like what this one says! Thought out and very clean.

  • Gema Sharpe
    Gema Sharpeabout 4 years ago

    the idea came from a response online to a question regarding why people eat meat that stated " if animals are so smart why dont they eat us". I was already looking to vanadalize an image of authority due to influeces from the punk eras anti establishment art, and the complimented perfectly. My only issue is that im a tollerant person, and this screems VEGAN HIPPY and is a critism i am willing to take in this instance. Other than that is all in good fun, no hate behind it, just one persons perception of food.

  • Daisy Brooke
    Daisy Brookeabout 4 years ago

    awesome! very nice idea indeed and its great that u have been inspired by todays issues and culture very well done :)

  • 45thAveArtCo
    45thAveArtCoabout 4 years ago

    i dig this – great commentary! That’s such a funny/insane quote, by the way “if animals are so smart why don’t they eat us”…I don’t think – just my humble opinion – you should be shy about voicing your own opinions meat consumption, though I understand one’s desire to temper such thoughts so as not to offend, etc. I think it’s a very cool painting is what I’m trying to say ;) Have you seen the doc “Food, Inc.”? Unreal…

  • chrispy
    chrispyabout 4 years ago

    be true to who you are and create what your heart tells you (or allows you) this is AWESOME…make no apologies for the voice/vision that comes from within, as an artist, you are NEVER going to appease everyone and are sure to insult someobody somewhere simply because you had the nerve to use it in the first place. Well done and keep it up. :-)

  • Gema Sharpe
    Gema Sharpeabout 4 years ago

    The way this started came from a response to the intolerance and bias opinion from various sources within the vegan online community. I had originally set out to voice the ethics of the vegan community as a whole, but the work did not reflect my views, I quickly changed brief to respond as an individual rather than an “vegan”, I do have these views but to the extent of extremist activism. It takes all sorts to make a world.

  • redqueenself
    redqueenselfabout 4 years ago

    This is so cool…sort of Animal Farm meets Big Mac.

  • Steven  Lippis
    Steven Lippisabout 4 years ago

    I happily eat meat, yet this gave me a good chuckle. If only Ronald was still smiling!!

    This would be great on a tshirt too!

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