Tee Shirts Made to Order

Hi Everyone, If you have a jazzy car that you would like me to sketch a cartoon of it for you or to put onto a T Shirt I will make them to suit your particular vehicle. I require a good image of your car preferably taken towards the front corner. You can send the image to There are 3 examples on the site of the two minis I have done for clients and the Plymouth also. regards, Dean Trounson

Battery Grip MB-D10 for D300 Nikon

Since my last jounal entry I have lashed out and bought an original Nikon Battery Grip
on e-bay and found it to be an excellent addition. I must say it is very well built and it probably was the comments I heard about the no brand ones being a bit plastic that swayed me to purchase the original. Anyway I paid $319 for it and it seemed to be about the best price going at the moment but still a lot of money for something that holds an extra battery and gives you 2 shots per second extra. The whole camera seems better balanced with the long lens.

Battery Grip for D300

Has anyone bought a Phottix premium BP-D300 Battery Grip for their Nikon D300 and if so what was the quality like. Same story spent all the money on the camera and scraping to buy accessories. By the way I love the D300……Thanks for any comments……G.T….>>>>