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Living in London, UK, firstly a geek, secondly experimenting with art I like, for my walls and chest while making it available to others.

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Security Vulnerability Periodic Table

The first incarnation after a rainy August bank holiday. This is the first work created entirely as a vector graphic using InkScape which is quite simply amazing. This has allowed the quality to be far higher compared to Gimp which I previously used and struggled to up-scale to the largest canvas size. / The image brings together 52 software security vulnerability classes into a periodic table in…
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Blaster Computer Worm Story

So I’ve had this idea rolling around in my head for a while. I wanted to pay a homage to the computer worms of the early 2000s (and before). This piece is the first experiment in this genre. Taking the namesake of the worm (a blaster from start wars) and representing the source code in an ASCII incarnation. / It can be seen here – /…
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The story behind 'Hello, world'

So the first collection is now on-line titled Hello, world!. / This work is the sample computer program ‘Hello, world!" in 23 different languages and stylised in a few ways. The reason for doing this as ’art’? My office walls at work were a little plain and I wanted to put something up there that reflected what I do and was suitably geeky. This work pretty much does that…
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