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The story behind 'Hello, world'

So the first collection is now on-line titled Hello, world!.

This work is the sample computer program ‘Hello, world!" in 23 different languages and stylised in a few ways. The reason for doing this as ’art’? My office walls at work were a little plain and I wanted to put something up there that reflected what I do and was suitably geeky. This work pretty much does that…

In short I’m a geek and love geek inspired art.

There were several iterations and based on feedback from people on twitter this is what we ended up with. I actually had this printed on 20cm x 20cm canvas before I found Redbubble via a local printer. At the moment it’s available in small but I’ll work on providing images in a format that Redbubble allow for large if people indicate they’d like it.

If you like geek art here are some other non Redbubble links / examples: