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Hey Kids. / If any of you bubble buddies are on twitter. Drop me a shout or a follow. /!/GregW22 / Take it easy / Greg
Posted about 5 years – 1 comments

Now this just sucks.

check this out. Worst case of plagerism i’ve whitnessed since Stephen Atkinson copied my art homework back in ’95! / I got super pissed of when i saw it, for the first 10 mins as usual. / Then i figured. shes 19, from brasil…probably mind treblingly sexy. It doesnt really matter. although it sucks. Its a shame, she looks like shes quite talented from her “other stuff̶…
Posted almost 6 years – 22 comments

Redbubble needs an iphone app.

its pretty simple. / Redbubble needs an iphone app. / I bid you a good day.
Posted about 6 years – 11 comments

Plagerism? too close to not to be!

I dont really see this, but i know it goes on. And when your the victim. Its kind of infuriating. / Ok it could be coincidence but i think given the variables its a pretty big one! / Look what i found over at MySoti. Strangely a replica of the only tee i havent added from my redbubble selection. Mine below. then the suspect. / i cant copy the image with the tee behind, but the baloon sits right o…
Posted about 6 years – 5 comments