Hand-Coloured Film Clip Thing

Melbourne band Bright Knights are making a film clip with internet and crayons.

They’re asking people to download frames from the video to colour (by hand, no photoshop allowed). The hand-coloured frames will be assembled into the most beautiful collaborative film clip you ever did see.

It’s a nice idea I thought. We are helping them with the nerdy internet side of things, so we built a little site where people can download/upload the video frames.

Do stop work now and check out Drawing This Love by Bright Knights.

Sonic Art

Since 1996, I’ve often thought about “the problem with music”. That’s when I found an old copy of Maximum Rock n Roll which included this now-famous article by Steve Albini. The gist of the article was that a typical recording/distribution deal amounted to little more than a bad loan.

I no longer think the problem with music is limited to the financing of projects. I think the problem is something more general and more important. If this coffee keeps working I’ll elaborate further down this page. For now let’s just accept the assertion that music is “broken”.

How should we fix music?

There’s a lot of talk about the future of the music industry, often in the context of its relationship to the internet. Generally I see two proposals on f…

RB musicians?

Dear Musicians who are Almost Certainly Somewhere Here on RedBubble,

I have a tiny new company called SoundFolder, which exists to make fancy internet technology more useful to amateur musos.

We have a website, a couple of guitars, and a server or two. We reckon that’s all we need to get started.

SoundFolder aims to be the best best online publishing platform for amateur/independent musos. But we don’t really know what that means, so we need your help please.

If you play any style of music, and you’re interested in sharing your experiences and ideas, drop me an email, (and send a link to your website/myspace). Any feedback we get is GOLD and greatly appreciated, and I’ll promise not to sell your songs on russian mp3 websites.

…or e…

Pop Ate Itself

After twenty-something years of running a studio, and inspiring a generation of graphic designers to confuse style with design, The Designers Republic have closed their doors.

IMHO their interactive work was weak (try using the warp records site), but then ‘web design’ wasn’t what they were known for, and they could get away with stupid flash nonsense because it looked nice. Their aesthetic remained consistently relevant for waaay longer than I expected.

[update – the warp site has been beautifully redesigned by]

I never saw meaning in their work, only fashion and clever printing techniques. This is probably because I never looked that closely.. perhaps they’re the best graphic designers the world has ever seen. To me it seemed that their …

Sales Spreadsheet

I was looking through my sales in mybubble (you can see yours here under the account section) and was thinking it might be nice if I could sort the items, add up totals for the month, etc.

Copying the mybubble page into a spreadsheet seems to work pretty well for this. Here’s a screenshot using google docs.

Just a simple tip for getting a better view of your sales.

Mini Book Review: Subject to Change

In an accessible tone, Subject to Change articulates what should now be taken for granted in product design: that products designed around real peoples’ needs and desires will win over those engineered to meet theoretical expectations. Using Adaptive Path’s experience as examples (and perhaps emphasising the consultancy’s achievements more often than necessary), the authors make an easily-digestible case for implementing an experience design strategy in favour of blindly over-engineering complex products.

The book suggests that engineering-led product optimization improves but doesn’t innovate. On the other hand, placing real customers at the center of the design process is shown as a shortcut to delivering more relevant, useful and successful products.

Adaptive P…