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Need 10 more musicians...

Cross-posted to the forums / My project SoundFolder needs 10 more people to join, to reach our first thousand musicians. / Musical RB people please help!
Posted almost 4 years – 10 comments

Hand-Coloured Film Clip Thing

Hello, / Melbourne band Bright Knights are making a film clip with internet and crayons. / They’re asking people to download frames from the video to colour (by hand, no photoshop allowed). The hand-coloured frames will be assembled into the most beautiful collaborative film clip you ever did see. / It’s a nice idea I thought. We are helping them with the nerdy internet side of things…
Posted about 4 years – 5 comments

Sonic Art

Since 1996, I’ve often thought about “the problem with music”. That’s when I found an old copy of Maximum Rock n Roll which included this now-famous article by Steve Albini. The gist of the article was that a typical recording/distribution deal amounted to little more than a bad loan. / I no longer think the problem with music is limited to the financing of projects. I thi…
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RB musicians?

Dear Musicians who are Almost Certainly Somewhere Here on RedBubble, / I have a tiny new company called SoundFolder, which exists to make fancy internet technology more useful to amateur musos. / We have a website, a couple of guitars, and a server or two. We reckon that’s all we need to get started. / SoundFolder aims to be the best best online publishing platform for amateur/independent m…
Posted over 5 years – 14 comments

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