Regina Brandt – Fine Artist, IL
Business owner of A Scents Worth, an aromatherapy and essential oil company
Specialties: Acrylic Painting, Portraits, Abstractions, and Drawing

All work in this gallery is the original artwork of Regina Brandt. All images in this gallery are protected by US and International Copyright laws (Copyright 2009).

My earliest memories of drawing and being interested in art started at a very early age. When I was a child (4 or 5 years of age), I can remember watching my oldest sister draw and asking her to show me how. I was also very interested in music, because I grew up performing and singing in my family’s band.

My media of choice is Acrylic painting, but I have worked with pastels, watercolor, 2 dimensional design, pen and ink, pencil drawings, markers, collage, etc. I prefer working on a large-scale stretched canvas and using acrylic paints. My strength is in painting portraits, and I will do artwork on commission. I have displayed my artwork at local galleries and state competition and would like to get more involved in displaying my art work in the future.

  • Joined: September 2009