Blond Joke

This is not my creation. A friend posted it on his blog, and I tarted it up a bit.

There were three Aussie blokes working on a building site in Sydney… one of those tall skyscraper things. It was an unfinished project with all the usual scaffolding and blokes running around in yellow crash-hats, and giant cranes hovering overhead and all that kinda stuff. Anyway, one day the hooter went, signaling time for lunch, so the three blokes sat on a big concrete girder way up there on the 20th floor to eat their lunch. It was a lot easier and cheaper to bring your own sandwiches and juice, rather than go all the way down to the ground floor and pay big bucks at a take-away.

Red-haired Mick O’Reilly opened his lunch box and said, “Am trú-sa trá! Corned beef and cabbage again! If I get corned beef and cabbage sandwiches one more time, I swear by the lovin’ Jesus I’ll jump off this building!”

Black-haired Jose Alvarez was similarly disappointed with the contents of his lunch box. “Ay Dios mio! Burritos again! I don’t believe it! If I get burritos again for lunch I’ll also jump off this building!”

Blond-haired Albert Pedersen peered inside his lunch box and said, “Oh, no! Fiskbullar sandwiches. Every day I have fiskbullar. Fiskbullar, fiskbullar, fiskbullar! If I have fiskbullar just one more time for lunch, I will jump off this building too!”

The next day, red-haired Mick O’Reilly saw corned beef and cabbage in his lunch box and immediately jumped off the building to his death. Jose and Albert stared at each other in horror, and then leaned over the edge of the concrete girder to see the spreadeagled body of their mate far, far below on the street. Black-haired Jose slowly opened his lunch box. Inside was another burrito. Within seconds he had joined his deceased mate on the street far, far below. Blond-haired Albert then peered nervously into his lunch box. Fiskbullar sandwiches! Soon, there was a third lifeless body splattered on the street below.

A week later, at the combined funerals, Mrs O’Reilly was weeping uncontrollably. “If I’d only known how tired Mick was of corned beef and cabbage, I never would have given it to him again!” she cried. Jose’s wife also wept: “I could have given him enchiladas or tacos! I didn’t realize he hated burritos so much!”

Then everyone turned and stared at blond-haired Albert’s wife. “Don’t look at me,” she said. “The idiot makes his own lunch.”

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Blonds don’t necessarily have more fun.


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  • Berns
    Bernsover 4 years ago

    LoL! Have heard different versions of this, but it makes me laugh everytime!

  • Yes, it’s a wonderful story! Thanks, Berns.

    – Gary Kelly

  • Graham Mewburn
    Graham Mewburnover 4 years ago

    thanks for the laugh mate
    how ’bout a grey haired joke for us old farts

  • Hmmm. I’ll have to think about that one… but don’t be surprised if the main character is named Graham.

    – Gary Kelly

  • Rosej
    Rosejover 4 years ago

    Thank you – a good way to wake up this morning:)))

  • My pleasure, Rose. Any time is a good time for a laugh.

    – Gary Kelly

  • bev langby
    bev langbyover 4 years ago

    he he its a keeper and good to see the blond is male for a change lol

  • I’ve been laughing myself stupid all morning watching eps of Not Only But Also with Peter Cook and Dudley More on Youtube. What classic stuff! Search Not Only But Also.

    – Gary Kelly

  • bev langby
    bev langbyover 4 years ago

    cool will do …

  • georgieboy98
    georgieboy98over 4 years ago

    Excellent Gary and you do the accents perfectly! I well remember Pete and Dud as well as the likes of Eric and Ernie, the Two Ronnies, Frankie Howerd, Ken Dodd etc. etc. To say nothing of Robb Wilton, Norman Evans and others.. The golden years of comedy
    All the best

  • Yes, G… the golden years. But maybe Youtube will inspire a new crop by resurrecting all the old stuff. Here’s hoping.

    – Gary Kelly

  • ellismorleyphto
    ellismorleyphtoabout 2 years ago

    Hehehe…. :-)

  • LoreLeft27
    LoreLeft27about 2 years ago

    ha ha ha roflmao ha ha ha ha

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