An update

Hi everyone
I find that due to on-going work commitments my time on RB is both severely limited and very sporadic, so much so that I am now unable to get on everyday. This situation is likely to continue until at least mid May. I therefore have to reluctantly cut back on bubble activities.

I shall try and keep an eye on all the fantastic work that is being uploaded but I shall be very restricted in the comments I can make. This is no reflection on the work, it simply recognises the limited time I have available. I shall be uploading some work myself, but this will be again very limited, as it has been in recent months. I shall try to reply to anyone who kindly comments on my work, favourites an individual piece or who should be foolish enough to add me to thier watchlist. This may take a while so if I haven’t responded it isn’t intended as a slight.

I wanted to thank you all for your kind comments on both my situation and work uploaded in recent months.

Best wishes


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