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Going To Battle-Soldiers Of Assyria.

Practice makes perfect.
After centuries of trying to become masters of their world, the Assyrians succeeded — with a vengeance.

A Semitic people, the Assyrians lived in the northern area of Mesopotamia, the land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers at the city-state of Ashur. Under the leadership of Shamshi Adad the Assyrians tried to create their own empire, but they were squashed by the Babylonian king, Hammurabi. Then the Asiatic Hurrians (Mitanni) invaded, but they were, in turn, overcome by the growing Hittite Empire. The Hittites gave up control of Ashur because it was too far away; thereby granting the Assyrians their long sought independence (c. 1400 B.C.).

The Assyrians didn’t just want independence, though. They wanted control and so, under their leader Tukulti-Ninurta (c. 1233-c. 1197 B.C.), known in legend as Ninus, the Assyrians set out to conquer Babylonia. Under their ruler Tiglat-Pileser (1116-1090), the Assyrians extended their empire into Syria and Armenia. Between 883 and 824, under Ashurnazirpal II (883-859 B.C.) and Shalmeneser III (858-824 B.C.) the Assyrians conquered all of Syria and Armenia, Palestine, Babylon and southern Mesopotamia. For the sake of control, the Assyrians forced their conquered subjects into exile, including the Hebrews who were exiled to Babylon.

Just putting this work out there to see what feedback I get. It took about an hour or so to complete.

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