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500 Sales

Just had my 500th sale.

Just want to thank all customers who found my work good enough to purchase over my time on here at Redbubble & hope you get some real enjoyment from them.

I so much appreciate all of them & most of my commission over those years was donated to charity.

Thank you.

Xmas Sales

Thankyou to all who purchased 23 T Shirts, 2 mounted prints, 13 stickers and 1 postcard this past month. I really appreciate it and I am sure the guys at DID Dads In Distress do too as they will recieve all the commission. Merry Xmas all.


Thankyou to all those who brought 11 Tee Shirts and 6 Stickers from me this month.

It is very much appreciated and all commission has gone to DID Dads In Distress charity organisation.

Hope you all get some great enjoyment from them.


I have sold 6 T.Shirts and 2 stickers in the past month. All commission from these sales have gone to DID Dads In Distress. Not much I know but it’s a start. So thankyou to all you guys out there for the sales.

Everyday Hero

First of all thanks for everyones kind words I really appreciate that.

I have decided to become a “Everyday Hero” for the charity orginisation “DID” (Dads In Distress) and all proceeds from all my sales will be going directly to this charity. I don’t need the money generated from Redbubble and would much rather it go to someone who really needs it.


I have sold 3 T Shirts, 1 Framed Print and 4 Cards over the past Month.

I would sincerely like to thank all of you who have purchased these items and hope you all are getting much enjoyment out of them.


Thankyou Buyers

A very big thankyou to those who have brought 4 T Shirts and a Card over the past 25 days. I am very pleased that you found them great enough to purchase and hope you all get some enjoyment from them when you have recieved them.