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I am a Brisbane based award winning photographer with a passion for landscapes and seascapes in low light situations but do not stop exploring other areas of photography as well. I do prefer the ear y morning hours for most of my work. We live in a wonderful world, there is so much to discover and to share.
Since my “third eye” is always with me I observe my surroundings all the time. Even going back to the same places doesn’t stop me…I find it always different again and inspiring.

A number of trips to remote Outback locations and National Parks sparked an interest in the great outdoors. "The beauty of creation invokes such a curiosity in me that I can’t help but explore new and exciting places to capture those moments of unimaginable perfection.

If you wanna know more ask my pictures… probably they know me better than myself.

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Vision and Imagination

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My Flickr Gallery with many more photos

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