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Garden Joy™ is my gallery devoted to all the wonderful gardens, flowers and other items found in gardens. Please feel free to browse the gallery for your favorite flowers.

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My Mind’s Eye Gallery is the largest gallery I have. It contains most of my open edition photographs. It also has some mixed media works and limited editions that I haven’t moved as yet to the newer galleries I have below.

TTME Gallery a gallery to hold Giclée prints of my original hand painted art work, and some of my limited edition photography that I have here on Redbubble.

DesignerT’s a gallery that hold my clothing designs.

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Thanks for the Purchase

Thanks to whoever purchased a print of “Tulips” I hope you have many years of enjoyment.
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Features for Feb –March 15 2011 / 1. “Low Country Spring” was featured in All Glorious Gardens / 2. “Tulips and Hyacinths” and “White Tulips” were both featured in Blooms (All Seasons) / 3. “White Tulips” was also featured in Flowering Bulbs / 4. “Tulips” was featured in Flowering Bulbs / 5. “Tulips in Spring” was featured in…
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Tips on Shooting Butterflies

I was looking this morning for a name of a butterfly and I came across this article on tips for finding and shooting better butterfly pictures. / I’d add to the article with my own particular tips: / First try taking the camera out of auto mode and put it in manual mode: / 1. (1) Try using your cameras “APERTURE” or Manual Modes settings to set the Depth of Field (DOF). A shollo…
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COPYRIGHT NOTICE : © M. Campbell/TTMEGallery™ / All works of art in this web site gallery are owned by the artist Mary Campbell doing business as TTMEGallery™ (Through the Minds Eye™ Gallery, My Minds Eye™Gallery, Garden Joy™ and DesignerTs™). The works displayed in my Galleries are protected under U.S. and international copyright laws and conventions. All images are digitally marked for identifi…
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