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I discovered a love for painting when I was in my 20’s, and took a smattering of workshops here and there, finally deciding to concentrate on watercolor. My husband and I live in the Pacific Northwest (USA) and were fortunate to be able to travel a bit, particularly to the UK and Central America. We lived in Costa Rica for a year when he took his sabbatical, teaching in a Study Abroad program. That year gave us the opportunity to open our hearts and minds to the people of nearby Nicaragua, particularly to the families of the many disabled children living in great poverty. Bill has held numerous workshops there, as we attempt to help people climb the slow road to providing their own means for their families.

I use a Canon G11.

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you enjoy my images.

Here are my 2015 calendars:


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Floral Watercolors Calendar Sold!

Thank you so much to the buyer of my 2012 Floral Watercolors Calendar! I hope you enjoy it anew each month as you turn its pages!
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Casa Blanca Lilies Print Sold!

I want to thank so very much the anonymous buyer who purchased a print of my watercolor Casa Blanca Lilies! I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to bmail me. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy it very much! ~ Pat
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"Flowing Clematis" made Redbubble's Home Page!

What a surprise!! Redbubble just notified me that my “Flowing Clematis” watercolor is featured on RB’s home page! I’m thrilled to pieces, I’d never thought any of my work would receive that honor! Just had to share my joy and surprise with you! ~ Pat
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At This Time of Year . . .

. . . we usually think of the baby Jesus lying in a manger. But here is a mind-boggling glimpse of the magnitude of that event: / “The God of Power, as he did ride / In his majestik robes of glorie, / Resolved to light; and so one day / He did descend, undressing all the way.” / – George Herbert / in 17th Century England / &…
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