How the Battle was Built - Behind the Scenes with BMB

When searching for additional talent to swell the ranks of the GoK Army, I knew that Melbourne-based comicker and all-round crazyman BMB would be a perfect fit. Here’s a little background and behind-the-scenes info from the man himself – Simon

I remember it like it was only 16 months ago, Simon asked if I’d be interested
in joining in for Round Two of the GoK, my first instinct was to decline because
nothing shows your shortcomings like putting your art up side by side with
people who surpass you in all ways except possibly in the baking of certain
flavoured cakes. I dare you to try and better banana cake me!

Ahem, after saying yes I was given my two pieces, we had a pretty long deadline
so I really didn’t think about it too much, I just wanted the pictures to happen
in my head, rather than sit there trying to make something happen on the page
when I wasn’t feeling it.

The Bullrok was pretty easy, from early on I had him running at the viewer with
the angel between him and us and it was more a matter of polishing it in my
brains. The King was a lot harder for me but as I said before I had time on my
side so I was able to walk away from my first few (terrible, TERRIBLE) attempts
and wait for the right image to pop in my lobes.

early attempts at BMB’s contribution to the project

Once I’m actually drawing the image my method is pretty basic: rough sketch work
and do all the work during inks. I’ve never been one to do polished pencils,
otherwise by the time I get to inks I get bored. Its probably why I couldn’t go
from drawing on PC to pen and paper any more, the pages would be 3 inches thick
in white-out etc… :-P

Step by step of the Bullrock piece

As far as Round Two is concerned, it has given me many feelings, mostly that I
hate all the other artists as they make me feel less than complete with their
better renderings. Oh the pain, oh the pain of it all! But really, it’s been a
lot of fun and I’m just as keen as everyone else to see the rest of the
pictures. I love chess so this is great, I’d love it if someone with serious
code-fu could make a new Battlechess game with these images as templates for the
pieces. I’d be the first one in EB smacking my money on the counter screaming

To view BMB’s first contribution, head over here – when he’s not chained up in our dungeon, BMB is working on his own webcomic, Kranburn

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