{Galaxy Meteorite} was a name I created after seeing on a regular basis of falling stars whizzing by my head ‘’way to close to believe’’ So I figured it was a sign that Alien friends had returned again, to give me something in return for other gifts I shared with them last.

Even on a few long journey’s I had a friend with me when we would encounter falling ones at the same time and see them fall off in the distance.

Most that fell, were no bigger than the end of my pinky tip. Or that is the way it looked while collecting them at the scene of where they landed.

One of the biggest was seen by two friends that I never witnessed and neither knew each other I would find out later and realize they both had seen the same one swoosh bye ‘’sounding like a jet engine whirling by between them’’ and one fellow said he had to slam on his brakes. Due to being afraid of what it might of done if he had kept going.

Then a few years later I would find several giant craters that apparently formed underwater and left some huge rings at one time. While one would produce a mixture of magma-meteor mix. Found near the old Topaz Japanese Relocation Site. (Which was founded in 1944) and made our area the most populated at that time in Utah.

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