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possessed by super intellectual and intellegent be’ans due to being born without spirit. also we possess everyone else. so when anyone looks in a mirror, we also see ourselves and you all. and we only know whose who through a melodic-pattern in each brain in where no two melodies are the same. due to so meny individuals havin the same names and looking like each udder.

however weve been creationg thru centuries and thru all creatures from world to world and from universe to universe. and we are nou deciding ‘’wee-wee-wee’’ dont need to enslave watercontainments anymore to keep on producing.

thankyou eirthling species for be’an!

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{Galaxy Meteorite} was a name I created after seeing on a regular basis of falling stars whizzing by my head ‘’way to close to believe’’ So I figured it was a sign that Alien friends had returned again, to give me something in return for other gifts I shared with them last. / Even on a few long journey’s I had a friend with me when we would encounter falling ones at …
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