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Just received notification that I received a score of 77 & a Bronze award in the 2012 International Loupe Awards with this photo

Internet Issues

Hi all. Just letting you know that my reason for not being online or commenting on your works has to do with the lack of internet service I have been experiencing of late.
The provider assures me they are working on it. I have been using my mobile phone to do all my emails & internet.
So over all this.
Anyway. Whilst there is a window of opportunity, I thought I’d take it.

I’ll catch up soon.


I'm back

Surgery is over. All ok so far. I’m still recuperating & am ‘grounded’. Not allowed to drive until next week. Then slowly start getting back into things. I did check in on Rb from time to time, but had little motivation to do too much. Hopefully as each day passes I will get to do more. At the moment I am enjoying being in my pj’s all day & watching tv or reading.
I was fortunate to have Rosalie drop by to visit. She took me out to do some ‘driveby shooting’. You can’t keep a photographer down. The photo I posted last night was the fruits of that. I did feel good to take some photos then do some processing & uploading.
I’ve taken the opportunity to have my D700 cleaned whilst I’m out of action, so it is away at the moment. I am shooting with my back up camera, D200 & the 18-200 vr lens.


My old computer was dying. So I have a new one. 64bit. 8gb ram. I have had some fun & games getting some of my programs & printer loaded. Downloading drivers, updates etc. etc. PS CS3 was one. Everything has changed. I haven’t properly calibrated the screen. So I don’t know how the colour is on this compared to what I usually upload.
Bare with me as I sort things out.
Let me know if the colours don’t look right.


Busy, busy, busy

Is what I am at the moment. Just wanted to let you all know that that is the reason I haven’t uploaded many photos & haven’t been commenting too much on your photos.
Life just gets in the way sometimes.
In a few weeks time I should have much more time.
I’m getting ready to undergo some surgery which will ground me for a little while. No driving even. So I will probably have plenty of time to spend at the computer.
Looking forward to catching up.


Need help

My D700 has been doing a couple of funny things lately. (Last couple of weeks). Firstly, I had the camera ready to shoot. Thought I’d turn it to see of a portrait shot would be better. It fired (took the shot). All by itself. It did this several more times. It has only done that on that particular day.

Also after I take a shot & I wish to view the image. It won’t bring the image up. I have to turn off the camera, maybe a few times, & turn it back on again to view the photo. This is happening repeatedly. Not every time. But often.

Today, I have done a factory reset to default to see if that helps. Don’t know if that has made a difference as yet.

Just thought I’d ask to see if anyone else has had this problem or if anyone can shed any light on it.

Register or regreat

Please read this article Register or regret: artists alerted to new ownership law in today’s Sydney Morning Herald if you plan to ever consign work to a gallery for sale.

Basically, if you do not lodge ownership of your consigned (to a gallery) work with an electronic register that can be searched by potential buyers, and the gallery goes into receivership, your works can be sold by the administrators to meet the gallery’s debts.

Be aware!

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