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As you all know, I’ve been so busy lately, that my time over here has been really limited. I miss all the interaction with the artist here, but I’ve not been shy of your endless amounts of inspiration and joy you infuse my heART ’n SOUL with whenever I come to browse.

So, for you and everyone who comes to see what I’m up to here, I felt an update was due and my most recent and exciting news is being hired as the house photographer for Kirkland Performance Center ! (Thank you to a referral from my good friend, Tom Olson, who I shot video and stills for this summer at Hot Rocks TV in studio and on location.)

The first show was last Saturday, Stormy Weather, The Life and Music of Lena Horne which was a wonderful performance choreographed out of the highly acclaimed paperback release of James Gavin’s acclaimed biography, of the same title, Stormy Weather: The Life of Lena Horne – one of Oprah magazine’s Top 25 Summer Reads of 2009 – and to launch a new CD, Lena Horne Sings; The M-G-M Singles Collection, Kirkland Performance Center presented a unique and moving performance combining live music by acclaimed singers Rebeca Parris and Paula West and narration by Gavin to salute the musical legacy of Lena Horne— Hollywood’s first African-American goddess and true historical legend. My images from the show can be seen here it as a fabulous night!

While you are browsing images from the show, you can catch up on some of the other coverage I’ve been doing:

  1. MUSIC:

James Howard Band (and the JHB on Facebook ) covering such events as a 9 camera videotaping for KCTS/PBS “L!VE in Seattle” and an appearance on Blues To Do TV with Marlee Walker

White Sox All Stars a group of musicians comprised of Rock SuperStars, created by Alan White of YES! approached me for images on the website (a referral from my good friend, Geoffrey Castle!!)

Geoffrey Castle, an amazing talent on one of the worlds only 6 string violin, he mixes the most amazing music live, recording track over track, a show to escalate your senses!! We’ve been talking more and more about working more closely together.


We just started a new quarter of Digital Photography workshops two Mondays ago for ArtsNow held at Edmonds Community College, 6-9:30pm for the next 8 weeks, and Leslie Saber and I are excited to have a packed class and a celebrity in our midst, the legendary Rick Steves is attending this session!!

Still keeping my ties with PCNW#, and to help accomplish getting my Fine Art Certification, I am going out for another Talbot’s Women’s Scholarship, so keep your prayers and good wishes coming!! (and if you apply, let me know, so I can send good wishes for you as well!!)

I never had a chance to mention that I joined the board at ASMP in Seattle as the new person in charge of the Newsletter, which will prove to be a challenge and be of great reward to be able to network with so many of Seattle’s greatest talent, and be at the pulse of what is happening in the photographic community.

    Next month is National Youth Homeless Awareness Month and had anticipated on a show with recording artists JD Martin & Geoffrey Castle along with showcasing the wonderful art that came out of publishing heART that is making a difference along with 21 fabulous RB artists from all corners of the world… however, there just was not enough time to respond to all that was needed to secure sponsorship and financing for the project… which also meant I was unable to arrange meeting up with Zachary Bonner of Little Red Wagon Foundation as I had hoped to be a part of his experience as he walked across the entire nation this year from Florida to LA stopping and helping youth facing homelessness along the way. Do know that I have garnered interest and am still working towards making a difference and showcasing the many hearts that have come on board at Show me a Sign

James Howard and I are off to Maui here shortly, less than two weeks away, to be married. I’m very excited about meeting someone as talented and good hearted as James and we are so blessed to have found eachother; it was love at first sight story that I would love to share sometime…. where the universe definately played a role in bringing us together. Those that know are inspired and reminded that in light of the challenges we all must face “dreams really do come true.”

♥that’s it for now,
as always, wishing you many blessings and inspirations

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