Susan Werby

Susan Werby

Virginia Beach, United States

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With Sympathy... by Susan Werby Just Lead the Way and I Shall Follow by Susan Werby Love is a Treasure by Susan Werby Live Life to the Fullest by Susan Werby Let's Be Friends Forever...No Matter What... by Susan Werby Danger by Susan Werby Pink Petals Perfectly pink / Petals of love / Precision of nature / Presented to you Sun-Kissed with Love by Susan Werby Moonlight Blues The moonlight glows above / Glancing off the waters below / Ripples gracefully swaying / As muted blues create a foggy haze / A haze that m… Blue Heavens by Susan Werby Peacock Indifference by Susan Werby Immersion by Susan Werby Marilyn by Susan Werby The Visitors A stand of trees / Swaying in the muted light / Intricate branches like delicate lace / Woven by nature’s brilliant artistry / Birds … Birds of a Feather by Susan Werby Happy Birthday Wishes by Susan Werby A New Beginning Problems in life / Commonplace occurrences / Challenges that can be / Disruptive to the soul / Yet answers are just beyond / Open eyes / S… Fairy Tale Dreams by Susan Werby Limitless Heavens devoid of stars / Blue skies daubed with clouds / As the blinding sun / Captivates one’s gaze / Stare and dream / Mindlessnes… The Wonder of It All… A solitary wall of rocks juts into the water, / Guarding the beach from something unseen. / Protecting a turquoise pool from crashing waves… Evening Rain Translucent drops of rain / Slipping down / The window pane / Allowing me to view the world / Yet to no one my thoughts revealed / As rain … Transfixed in Time by Susan Werby Man’s Best Friend Sometimes a gentleman / Then playfully energetic / Spinning in circles / For dinner or treat / Dancing on hind legs / In anticipation of a… The Gentleman by Susan Werby Banner for Pretty in Pink Group ~ Challenge ~ "Sisters" by Susan Werby Open A Door to Happiness by Susan Werby Little Pony Creamy hues embrace / A pony of such grandeur / With quietude / Creating a magical sight / Grazing on grasses / His ears can hear / The … Magic Mirror, On the Wall A mirror of light / On the water so bright / It beckons one to look / At the image in the water / Looking up from quivering / Yet serene wa… Happy Mother's Day Card by Susan Werby Soulful Waters by Susan Werby The Art of Balance Standing in waters of turquoise hues / Firmly enmeshed in the sands below / Concentration centered / Slowly lift one foot / To balance like… Turquoise Serenity by Susan Werby Etched Memories Peaceful waters lapping at the sand… / A lone seagull stands and stares… / I think of days gone by / Memories etched in my mi… Sunshine by Susan Werby A Grain of Sand Ebbing and flowing tides / And winds constantly churning / Sugary sands into ripples / High tides and low tides / Repeatedly etching / Abs… Footprints in the Sand by Susan Werby Ready or Not, Here We Come! After a long winter, it is pure freedom to be on the beach- sunny warmth and bare toes, people all about… / Gentle kisses shared betw… Beach Days  by Susan Werby Elixir of Life Breathe in the air as if it were your last / Those very fragrances that cause memories to rise / From deep within distant recesses of your … Living Life to Its Fullest by Susan Werby The Tree of Life A baby is born, / Wrapped in gentle arms. / Never alone… / Always observed… / Insulated from harm. / The passage of time…… The Protector by Susan Werby 5th Place- Think In the Open Air by Susan Werby Special Recognition-Intersecting by Susan Werby Father Time An old man and his dog stand on the corner, dog looking one way and he another… / Perhaps he is waiting casually and calmly for his w… Standing On the Corner As Time Passes By by Susan Werby Running Man Flying like the wind / Running man / Floats on a cushion of clouds / The sheen of sinewy muscles and tendons / Legs pumping one, then the o… Highway to the Heavens by Susan Werby Thoughts Fragile shells of ideas glimmer within / Like a milkweed pod that ruptures its skin / Here but for a moment / Then gone forever Special Recognition -Through the Haze by Susan Werby 2nd Place-Photography-Through the Light by Susan Werby 3rd Place- Overall "Cityscapes"Category- Through the Light by Susan Werby The Sentinel Soaring the skies / On currents in motion / This way and that / Like the waves below / Wings rise and fall / Controlling his flight / Tacki… Flying Solo by Susan Werby Sunshine Yellows Feel the warmth on your face / Close your eyes / Follow shapes swimming / In a sea of yellow-orange-reds / Mellow dreams / Dragons and prin… Make the Day Sunshine Yellow by Susan Werby Roads Choices / When, what, how, why / Some with care / Others with raw emotion / The gravity of life / To make a decision / Swaying back and for… Swaying by Susan Werby Yellow Flowers I walk in the field / Surrounded by the tiniest of yellow flowers / That seemingly move about my feet / Kissing me with the tenderest of… Memories of the Sea Glassy waters of azure / Transparent winds nudging gentle ripples / On the salty ocean surface / Tiny reflections caress birds / That stir … At the Edge by Susan Werby I Miss You ~ Tree Frog Greeting Card by Susan Werby Kiss Me and Make Me Yours Forever by Susan Werby Wishes by Susan Werby Hope Things Are Looking Up! by Susan Werby Musings Listen to the songs / Playing in your head / Musical notes / Connecting to create dreams / A reverie coming to life / As you nurture the me… Dreams May Come True by Susan Werby I Miss You ~ Horse Greeting Card by Susan Werby Let's Ride Through Life Together by Susan Werby Hope You Are Feeling Better Soon by Susan Werby Let Me Count The Ways That I Love You by Susan Werby Sorry... by Susan Werby Missing You by Susan Werby Thinking of You by Susan Werby Let’s Play Dress-Up I guess this long winter is getting to me because yesterday I looked at my male Boston Terrier, named Bosco, and said, “We are now go… I Shall Call Him Maude by Susan Werby Fragility The fragile sense / Of knowing / Life is not always / Ours to control / The membranous shell / Of Life / Easily torn / Shattered dreams … Contemplation Sitting in a sanctuary of white / Isolated in snowy nature / A gift of solitude / A place to contemplate / The ebb and flow of the sea / Li… Sanctuary in White by Susan Werby River Dreamer Alone he stands / Sweat on his brow / Working the long oar / To and fro / Steadfast his thoughts / Of freedom to wander / The sweet river&…
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