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Susan Werby

Susan Werby

Virginia Beach, United States

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If you see anything in my portfolio that is not currently on a product you are interested in, please let me know and I shall create the product for you! Just send me a Bubblemail and the URL of the artwork please. Thank you, Susan

As a child, I was a budding artist and photographer who chose another career. Years later, with more free time available, I was still drawn to Photography, yet still possessed that desire to be an Artist.

I have found my passion by merging Photography and Art. Each of my original photographs “speaks” to me. I listen carefully and then proceed artistically, using the photograph as my “canvas”. Digitally applying textures and colors, along with many other artistic techniques, my vision is then created. Stepping back, I take a final look, deciding only at that moment that my “painting” is now complete.

Many observers tell me that they believe my Art to actually be Paintings. Which ever way you perceive them, I hope you enjoy my artwork. Thank you for visiting my gallery.

I also have a store at Art of Where that includes my artwork and designs on Silk Scarves, Leggings, Capri Pants, Skirts, and much more. Dare to be different and choose one of my unique creations!

Artistry Group “Impressionism” Challenge
Jan. 26, 2015

Literary Award Recipient and Featured Writer
December 2014

October 20, 2014

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Two More Stickers Sold!

It must be the time of the year for sticker sales because I see that I am not the only one selling them… / One sold last night and another this morning. Thanks to whoever you are out there in RedBubble Land for making me have sweet dreams and then a morning smile!!! Hope you both enjoy them. / Desert Moon / The Horseman
Posted 3 months – 21 comments

Sticker Sale!

This is my first sale of a sticker and it is one of several gymnast designs that I had created for a friend to choose from… She chose hers months ago. I know my friend did not purchase this one since she is off on holiday in Greece! / Anyhow, I am delighted that someone out there saw this one and wanted it with my creative wording that I totally made up without ANY gymnastic experience!!! T…
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So Many Sales!

I am so thrilled that my artwork is selling on many varied products! Perhaps RedBubble knew something we did not know… In any case, I am overjoyed and so appreciate all the anonymous buyers who liked what they saw. Thanks for making my days so special… / This Art Print was purchased by a fellow RedBubbler- JRGarland Thanks again, JR!! I hope you love looking at it as much as I did cr…
Posted 4 months – 48 comments

*SOLD* Pencil Skirt!!!

The Forest Deep by Susan Werby / Such excitement- a pencil skirt just sold and I am in awe of this concept!!!! Would love to see the person wearing this treed scene… Thank you to the anonymous buyer and I hope that the one who dons it enjoys strutting through the forest shadows.
Posted 6 months – 30 comments